[Epub] 21 Down By Jimmy Palmiotti – Submitalink.info

[Epub] 21 Down  By Jimmy Palmiotti – Submitalink.info Equal Parts Intriguing Crime Conspiracy And Supernatural Suspense Thriller, 21 DOWN THE CONDUIT Tells The Tragic Tale Of Preston Kills, A Super Powered Young Man Destined To Die In The Upcoming Year When A Mysterious Man Known As Herod Grants Preston The Ability To Sense How A Person Would Die, The Young Boy Also Learned That He Would Die On His Twenty First Birthday Now Entering The Final Year Of His Existence, The Tattoo Artist Has Resigned Himself To His Upcoming Fate But When A Rogue Female FBI Agent Offers Him A Shot At Survival, Preston Accepts And Embarks On A Mission To Save His Life And Uncover The Deadly Secret Behind Herod. This graphic novel was interesting and makes me want to continue reading the series I would like to knowabout how the super powers develop, learnabout Harod, and see how the story develops.Unfortunately, this book was published in 2003 and I don t think any sequels to the origi Intelligent, spandex free superhero comic about a young man who can see how people died when he touches their bodies and an untrustworthy FBI agent who wants to use him in a dangerous investigation.

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