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[KINDLE] ❄ A Cat Is Chasing Me Through This Book! ❧ Benjamin Bird – Submitalink.info Young Readers Will Gasp With Delight At The Amazing Race In This Tom And Jerry Interactive Picture Book With Each Turn Of The Page, Tom Gets Closer To Catching Little Jerry The Mouse Is Fast, But Tom Has Some Tricks Up His Paws Enjoy Tom And Jerry Antics Each Time You Open The Cover For A Purr Fectly Hilarious Read Aloud

10 thoughts on “A Cat Is Chasing Me Through This Book!

  1. Jai Jai says:

    I gave it a three, but a high three It was fun and a book that would be great to read, interact and enjoy with several kids at once Don t you just love Tom and Jerry.

  2. Christen Christen says:

    A good book, but I have to add a lot of exposition of my own to make the progressions from page to page work for storytime Still, a lot of fun and I always love a book that invites movement and participation Read as a filler for intro storytime to kindergartners.

  3. Alyssa Tabor Alyssa Tabor says:

    Bright and colorful Engaging and fun Will likely use for storytime I love all the interaction.

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Little to no actual story line, but my preschoolers will love acting it out for during story time

  5. Kary Kary says:

    Cute book It was an easy sell on my kindy kids They loved it.

  6. Brandon Garrels Brandon Garrels says:

    This book would be for preschool to early grade school children and is in the genre of fantasy due to the animals having human traits It has a copyright of 2014 This story involves all of the typical cat and mouse stories we all know and love In the end the dog comes and chases Tom away and reminds me of how my dogs have chased cats out of my backyard.

  7. Duane Duane says:

    I wasn t expecting much when I got this book, but I m so glad I took the time to look inside it It s perfect for story times for younger children It s very interactive and the illustrations are bold and easy to see I love the different sound effects that you can do with your readers It s perfect for any groups that enjoy helping the reader read the book.

  8. Samantha Samantha says:

    My favorite title in the Tom and Jerry interactive picture books has readers performing simple movements to aide Jerry in outrunning Tom A fun read aloud with PreK 2.

  9. Jessica Jessica says:

    This would be five stars for the concept, but being a licensed characters book really brings it down.

  10. Brandy Wilkes Brandy Wilkes says:

    Cute interactive book Great for use in preschool storytimes The kids will love the bright illustrations and what the book asks them to do.

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