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[Reading] ➷ A Devil in the Details  Author K.A. Stewart – Submitalink.info An ok start to the series It reminded me of Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden series, but not as good There just seemed to be something missing so that reading it didn t seem so ho hum, but I m not sure what I ll probably give it another chance when book 2 comes out, but I l first installment in a new urban fantasy series from Roc Books, A Devil in the Details is K A Stewart s debut novel Jesse James Dawson is just your average American samurai with a wife and child Well, okay, maybe being a samurai isn t exactly average, but neither is putting your soul on the line to save those who get in trouble with demons And that s what Jesse does as a member of a loose organization of champions an organization whose most experienced members are getting killed off at a higher rate than usual Someone changed the rules, and Jesse has to figure them out if he doesn t want his next battle to be his last Original, yet a tad familiarThe premise of A Devil in the Details is quite original and intriguing Stewart put a lot of thought into the magic systems and demonic order, and it shows The various types of demons are glossed over, shown but not fully explained, leaving much to the reader s imagination while setting firm groundwork for future expansion The order of champions of EPUB A Devil In The Details Author K.A Stewart Thomashillier.co.uk View Our Feature On K.A Stewarts S A Devil In The Details When It Comes To Demons, Always Read The Find Print.Jesse James Dawson Was An Ordinary Guy Well, An Ordinary Guy With A Black Belt In Karate Until One Day He Learned His Brother Had Made A Bargain With A Demon, Jesse Discovered There Was Only One Way To Save His Brother Put Up His Own Soul As Collateral, And Fight The Demon To The Death.Jesse Lived To Free His Brother And Became Part Of A Loose Organization Of Champions Who Put Their Own Souls On The Line To Help Those Who Get In Over Their Heads With Demons But Now Experienced Champions Are Losing Battles At A Much Higher Rate Than Usual Someone Has Changed The Game And If Jesse Can T Figure Out The New Rules, His Next Battle May Be His Last 2.5 stars Well.to quote Gomer Pyle, surprise, surprise, surprise I stumbled on a pretty good urban fantasy K.A.Stewart is a female writer of whom I was unaware until I saw this book I m pretty much always looking for a good urban fantasy but often than not what I find is either just not so good or turns out to be PNR , that is ParaNormal Romance.While this book definitely has a romantic edge it s simply part of the story.So, what do we have here This is the beginning of a series concerning Jesse James Dawson his brother is Cole Younger Dawson Seems dad had a thing about outlaws Jesse is one of a loosely organized group of people simply called The Champions See in the book s mythology or world people do occasionally in very bad circumstances make the verypoor decision to, trade away their soul.I know, wow But many of them repentand this means really repent not just decide they d rather not go to hell Maybe they were desperate to save a loved one s life or had some other not so selfish motive and then realize what they d done That s Wry urban fantasy is not my normal fantasy subgenre, but I m not ashamed to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed reading A Devil in the Details by K.A Stewart I can savor the supernatural angels, demons, witches, clerics but please pass on the paranorm This is definitely a promising start to a new series and I did enjoy it, but it was too easy to put down I m not sure why it wasn t a page turner for me until the very end got very exciting It just lacked something I can t put my finger on When I finished the book, it felt like I had just read the first part of a much bigger novel I did like that our hero was an ordinary guy except for the whole demon slayer thing and that he had a fairly normal life In fact, his domestic dealings do seem to take up a lot of this book I liked the idea of him having a wife and not chasing some hot thing and a child, but neither one of those characters ever seemed quite real to me I don t feel I know Mira at all Axel, his demon foe friend, felt solid and intriguing I liked the plot, but it didn t really zing until the end I did love the entire battle with the big bad, but the twist wasn t too surprising.I m de Not as good as I hoped For the first few chapters, A Devil in the Details was headed for a solid four stars Fresh voice, hip semi stream of consciousness patter, complex plot But soon the cuteness got old Too cute The plot lived up to expectations however.I m not a fan of most popular YA novels This is YA, isn t it First the Harry Potter magicians, then the twilight vampires and werewolves with a few zombies Let s check them off, shall we No brooding mysterious supernatural drop dead gorgeous Alpha Males No lead character suddenly becoming and powerful and gaining every goddamned supernatural superpower under the sun No lead character having every single person of the opposite sex or same,whatever they meet, falling madly and passionately in love lust with them.No love triangle between lead, and a brooding mysterious supernatural drop dead gorgeous yet perhaps slightly evil Alpha Male, and a powerful strong lighter yet still so drop dead gorgeous other Alpha Male With the two Alpha Males being on opposite ends of the supernatural creature scale.No graphic sex scenes.No falling in love lust the second they meet each other,then running circles around each other while the lead tries to deny the obvious lust and instant horniness they experience every time they meet No saving the world and being the only person in the ENTIRE world able to do it No vampires Or werewolves Sparkly or otherwise.See why I gave it 5 stars Yep I m very very close to completely giving up on ANY Urban Fantasy series that has a female lead character I m gravitating and towards the ones with male leads, regardless of whether the author is male or female There s Mark del Franco s Connor Grey series Anton Strout s Simon Canderous series Kevin Hearne s Hounded series oh the LOVE I have for Atticus and Oberon And now, to add to my list of series to continue reading and to continue loving i This was a good start to a new to me series Although it does have that standard male UF feel which is not a bad thing , there were a few things that nicely distinguish it from the others that I read and enjoy 1 The lead Jesse James Dawson don t call him JJ is pleasantly angst free I like angst as much as any other reader, and probably , but it s nice when the character doesn t stoop over like a 90 year old from the weight of sorrows on his back I think a huge factor in this is my second point.2 Jesse is a happily married family man It was so refreshing to have a hero who is not a loner who avoids women or just uses them to fulfill his male needs, or both, but is deeply in love with his wife The moments of intimacy and married people exchanges caused many aww moments or smiles as I read It s clear that Jesse doesn t take his wife for granted He respects her as an equal with formidable strengths that balance him out He knows his wife doesn t take crap, and he doesn t shovel any her way At the same time, he is protective of his family in a way that I think a guy should be with his family I loved how much he values his wife and his little girl I have a big soft spot for a hero who is a father or has a fatherly vibe to him, so I dug the scenes in which Jesse plays with takes care of his daughter I can see why Jesse has the empowerment to go out and fight the good fight like he does.3 Jesse is a modern samurai He follows the bushido code Let me make it clear that I am a huge ninj

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