10 thoughts on “A Friend of the Earth

  1. Jeffrey Keeten Jeffrey Keeten says:

    When I lived in Arizona in the late 1980s there was an environmental group called Earth First that was creating a lot of excitement on campus Edward Abbey was teaching at the University of Arizona and everyone was reading his book called The Monkey Wrench Gang Earth First advocated using some of the tactics that Abbey described in hi

  2. Nancy Oakes Nancy Oakes says:

    I really, really enjoyed this novel and can easily recommend it You can check out the long version or stay here for a shorter one.A Friend of the Earth is quite different from many environmentally or eco based novels I ve read While some of the normal dystopian scenarios are in place, and the author in his own way lets his readers know that t

  3. Todd Crawshaw Todd Crawshaw says:

    There is a story behind why I chose to review A Friend of the Earth In 2001, I bought the novel and could not get past the first few pages I tried again and again No go So I dropped it in a box to be forgotten but not trashed Roughly a year later I was rummaging around for a book to read and pulled it out What the hell, I thought I ll give it another

  4. Geoff Wyss Geoff Wyss says:

    All I could manage of this one was 100 pages I wanted to like it its premise of near future ecological collapse feels relevant and laudable but the prose is so lazily executed that it begins to feel like an insult The book is full of cheap narrative gambits and inexact metaphors and faux ominous filler of this sort He doesn t like this He doesn t like it at al

  5. Steev Hise Steev Hise says:

    Once again I ve encountered a book that is about issues I m extremely interested in and concerned with, but the formal characteristics of the writing are problematic to me I d never considered reading any of T.C Boyle s work, though I d heard his name quite a bit Then I heard about this book and its subject a washed up old environmental activist trying to survive in a

  6. Jade Lopert Jade Lopert says:

    This is one of the books that makes me feel very middle of the road It s brilliant at points Other points it s just a whole lot of environmentalist propaganda Sometimes so heavy handed that it takes an earth loving hippie like me and hits me over the head with it so hard that it s hard to enjoy the actual story.The interesting thing here is not that world is going to hell in a

  7. Mark Mark says:

    A Friend of the Earth is another great effort from Boyle, one of my favorite contemporary writers Boyle has a tremendous gift the words just flow off the pages With his trademark dark humor, Boyle spins the tale of Ty Tierwater, who has spent his life defending the earth, to no avail It s 2025, and Ty is in California, tending to an animal menagerie, owned and funded by Mac Pulvis, a re

  8. Katrin Katrin says:

    You can always rely on T.C Boyle for an entertaining read Here, our future the year 2025 is described in the bleakest and at times depressing terms Due to our destruction of the environment, people are suffering from extreme weather conditions At the moment, a neverending rainstorm rages for months, which makes normal living difficult Most animals and plants are extinct, all there is to drink is

  9. Nicole Nicole says:

    I think it s time to admit that I will never finish this book I don t know what it is at some point I read a Boyle story, perhaps in Harper s, and somehow developed the idea that I liked his writing and wanted to readThis is my second Boyle novel, t...

  10. Christopher Wright Christopher Wright says:

    Originally published in 2000, A Friend of the Earth by T C Boyle is a gripping, humorous and emotional novel which charts the life of committed eco activist Ty Tierwater and his battles to confront humanity s destruction of nature I first encountered an excerpt from this book several years ago when reading the anthology I m With The Bears Short Stories From a Damaged Planet The chapter The Siskiyou, July 1989 was

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