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[Reading] ➷ A Plea for the Animals  Author Matthieu Ricard – Submitalink.info Every Cow Just Wants To Be Happy Every Chicken Just Wants To Be Free Every Bear, Dog, Or Mouse Experiences Sorrow And Feels Pain As Intensely As Any Of Us Humans Do In A Compelling Appeal To Reason And Human Kindness, Matthieu Ricard Here Takes The Arguments From His Best Sellers Altruism AndHappiness To Their Logical Conclusion That Compassion Toward All Beings, Including Our Fellow Animals, Is A Moral Obligation And The Direction Toward Which Any Enlightened Society Must Aspire He Chronicles The Appalling Sufferings Of The Animals We Eat, Wear, And Use For Adornment Or Entertainment, And Submits Every Traditional Justification For Their Exploitation To Scientific Evidence And Moral Scrutiny What Arises Is An Unambiguous And Powerful Ethical Imperative For Treating All Of The Animals With Whom We Share This Planet With Respect And Compassion.

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  1. Lorilin Lorilin says:

    According to author Ricard, this book is a natural follow up to a book he published last year called Altruism The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World In A Plea for the Animals, Ricard argues that altruism, mercy, compassion, and consideration should be extended to every sentient being i.e., every living thing that is capable of feeling pleas

  2. Camille Camille says:

    C est un livre essentiel, et j en suis la premi re tonn e Les couplets sur la bienveillance ternelle me passent un peu au dessus a me rappelle Monique, la prof de yoga de ma m re videmment, puisque a concerne le bien tre animal, a m int ressait un peu plus que si a avait t Le bouddhisme pour les nuls.Or, m fions nous des apparences, le livre est tr s complet et tr s bien co

  3. D D says:

    Un libro indispensable y de obligatoria lectura Junto con las obras de Singer y Joy, es uno de los mejores libros de la causa animal que he le do.

  4. She She says:

    I ve read many books over the years on this topic, but this one was a bit different It is scientifically based, so many people may find it a bit dry to read, but it s so well researched and eye opening that I really think it s an important book Some parts were difficult to read, simply because it made me want to cry reading about things that we humans do to animals around the

  5. Milo Milo says:

    Claro y conciso, aportando multitud de ejemplos tanto citas de c lebres pensadores como estudios cient ficos Un recorrido por todas las formas de explotaci n animal, ahondando en las principales cuestiones referentes his...

  6. Simon Lavoie Simon Lavoie says:

    Cet ouvrage avance une r flexion de fond en comble sur nos rapports aux autres tres vivants dans une perspective d abord historique et long terme, allant des chasseurs cueilleurs la domestication, aux premiers fermiers et leveurs, et de l antiquit jusqu au d collage de l levage et de l abattage m canis s dans les ann es 1950 En plus d une investigation historique, Ricard aborde dif

  7. Elari Elari says:

    Sobre, pas geignard.

  8. Rohase Piercy Rohase Piercy says:

    This is an amazing book, and everyone should read it Matthieu Ricard is a Buddhist monk, a French national now living in Nepal, and he writes with eloquence, knowledge and compassion about the attitude of humanity towards our fellow creatures, those sentient beings with whom we share this planet and to a greater or lesser extent, a large part of our DNA He does not shy away from the ba

  9. Hboyd Hboyd says:

    Cette expos sur la traitement des animaux est compl te et bien inform e Matthieu Ricard explore les abattoirs, les zoos, la chasse, la recherche scientifique, la fourrure, la m decine chinoise et la corrida, en passant par les points de vue philosophiques et moraux Pour des initi s, ou m me pour les faux d butants dans ce sujet, on apprend beaucoup sur la situation actuelle Chaque chapit

  10. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Dit boek spitst toe op alle aspecten van dierenleed, zowel ecologisch, economisch, ethisch e.d., maar gaat ook bijvoorbeeld over de geschiedenis van vlees eten, dierenproeven of stroperij Het is een boek dat me ergens deed denken aan Dieren eten van Jonathan Safran Foer waar overigens dikwijls naar wordt verwezen in bepaalde hoofdstukken Het boek bestaat uit veel cijfermateriaal of verwijz

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