Affable Savages: An Anthropologist Among the Urubu Indians

Affable Savages: An Anthropologist Among the Urubu Indians Francis Huxley, the anthropologist son of Julian Huxley, recently paid two visits to the Indian tribes of Brazil They live a simple life which centres on the small village and the large family, but their beliefs and traditions are complicated and have so far remained untouched by modern civilization His first visit was exploratory his second, no less exciting but much better informed has produced this book After reading this book it makes me glad to be alive in the logical world of technology The Urubu tribe were immersed in what the author calls legend,but which I would call schizophrenia For almost every act in their daily lives there is some ritual that would have to be enacted so as not to offend their gods or some such rubbish They were probably one of the most mythologically immersed cultures around as to mathematics

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