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[PDF] Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse By Ford Forkum – Submitalink.info In A Satirical Combination Of Two End Of The World Scenarios, A Zombie Plague Is Quickly Followed By An Alien Invasion In A Time When Humanity Is Already Struggling With Vampires Landing Dead Center At A College Campus Swarming With Zombies, The Aliens Soon Realize That Their Abduction Mission Is Going To Be Quite A Bit Complicated Than They D Imagined The Presence Of Vampires Only Makes The Situation WorseWill The Human Race Prevail Or Be Forced To Relocate To An Alien Planet Is There Any Way To Reverse The Zombie Plague Is The Plague Contagious To Aliens And Can An Alien Be Turned Into A Vampire What If A Vampire Alien Became A Zombie, Then Was Bitten By A Radioactive Spider And Then Possessed By The Ghost Of A Robot Werewolf That Last Part Doesn T Happen In The Story, But What If It Did Find Out What Becomes Of Humanity In This Hodgepodge Of Dystopian Absurdity

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  1. Katy Katy says:

    Book Info Genre Horror Sci fi Satire Reading Level Young Adult and upDisclosure I picked up a copy onwhen it was free I also noticed the author was wanting reviews, so I m happy to provide an honest reviewSynopsis In a satirical combination of two end of the world scenarios, a zombie plague is quickly followed by an alien invasion in a time when humanity is already struggling with vampires.Landing dead center at a college campu

  2. Beth Beth says:

    Haha, this was too cute Ford Forkum brings us a little satirical sci fi in this short story about an Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse In this story, a group of superior life forms who resemble teddy bears attempt to invade Earth for the sheer fun of it, only to find the planet overrun by zombies Great fun from Forkum, although a little coy with the aliens names See if you get the joke too

  3. Kim Kim says:

    What a breath of fresh air this book is A funny side to Aliens, vampires and zombies Aliens from Zyplex are invading earth to bring some humans back to their planet to be slaves I love the characters and planets names and the silliness of the story plot When their ship arrives on planet earth, they are surprised at what they see I enjoyed this short clever story You really should read it, soooo cute..I would read a book from this author agai

  4. Charity Parkerson Charity Parkerson says:

    Death to all space bullies Date read July 16, 2012In a star system known as Kepternicus 8 life can be too peacefulalmost to the point of boredom The Zyrplexians in particular allow their boredom to drive them to pick fights with other planets When they spin the Wacky Wheel O Worlds and decide on planet Earth as their next target they find a bit of a surprise waiting on them This is a very cute book and it make you chuckle Be sure to check this one

  5. Tom Tom says:

    An alien invasion force realizes its worst nightmare when supernatural pop culture runs amuck on Earth in Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse by Ford Forkum anand Goodreads average rating of 4.6 stars.A Little About Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse A short story loaded with laughs, the perfect break from paranormalAn alien race with farsophisticated science and intelligence debatable has forever altered the future of Earth with the spin of a wh

  6. graveyardgremlin graveyardgremlin says:

    An amusingly abnormal apocalyptic alien adventure awaits Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse tells the tale of a species of bored aliens who spin a wheel to decide which planet they want to invade Well, guess what lucky planet the wheel landed on this time Yup, good ol Earth Unfortunately for the Zyrplexians, they pick the wrong day to pick on the third rock from the Sun and their plans go awry, to say the least, and that s all I have to say about that For ,

  7. Robert Zimmermann Robert Zimmermann says:

    What was so great about this story Many things First the title I know that it basically tells you what you re in for It leaves no mystery but it works I read the title and knew I wanted to see what it was about How on Earth or in the Universe, haha would an author write a story involving Zombies AND Aliens without making a worthless piece of crap story Well, I think it all comes down to whether the author has a good story behind the clever idea of throwing random disas

  8. Jamie DeBree Jamie DeBree says:

    Part B movie and mostly satire with a heavy dose of subtle sarcasm, Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse by Ford Forkum actually does have a nicely coherent and somewhatcomplex plot than you might think It s incredibly entertaining read hilarious for the half hour or so it takes to read it As promised, it does indeed give us aliens and zombies, as well as vampires and humans all jumbled up together in a giant mess I rolled my eyes at some parts okay, several , but really,

  9. Helen White Helen White says:

    I could not find anything I disliked about this book It is a joyous romp through the sci fi genre, cheekily alluding to major stalwarts of the genre such as Star Wars, Twilight, the X Files, and numerous zombie novels.The inhabitants of the planet Zyrplex a joyous name which I love have such a good life that they get easily bored, and then invade other planets for fun, choosing planets where there is inferior technology to prevent bloodshed, them play mind games, blowing up condemne

  10. Carol Ward Carol Ward says:

    This story was a hoot In a nut shell, we have a ship full of bored aliens who look like teddy bears out looking for some entertainment They come to earth with the intention of kidnapping humans to bring back to their planet as slaves, but get their asses handed to them by a hoard of zombies The sole survivor of this attack joins forces with a band of uninfected humans and a pair of vampires And if you want to find out what happens next, you ll just have to read it for yourself Trust me, y

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