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[ Download ] ➾ Almost Lost Hope  Author Jimi Akanbi – Submitalink.info In Almost Lost Hope, the author Jimi Akanbi shares a testimony style memoir of his upbringing, family life, relationships and choices regarding his personal faith in God The rather short storyline doesn t have a deep self reflection or point of view on the era It s a sequential of episodes picked from Jimi s own youth in Africa and his struggle for survival and settlement in the USA The narrative reads like an American dream mixed with God intervening in Jimi s life and fixing what s broken.In the final chapters Akanbi boasts about his authorship, which in his opinion is a 100% Divine gift and the start of a professional writing career Jimi s life can inspire readers But regarding authorship I have my doubts Although English isn t my mother tongue as well, misspellings and syntax errors were made freq I had high hopes for this read It has a great title and cover I admire many things about the book, including that author Jimi Akanbi is writing in a second language and that he has overcome obstacles involving family relationships and illness However, I wish that the author had delved deeper into many of the topics, rather than offering a hal This book is very encouraging, inspiring, entertaining, motivational and engaging It includes the naked truth about the author s encounter in life This memoir will uplift and build up any reader going through any storm of life. In Almost Lost Hope, The Author Jimi Relays A Collection Of True Life Accounts Which Makes Him The Person He Is Today.Jimi Also Gives An Account Of His Success As The Fastest Runner Of All Time In His High School And State He Writes About His Unusual And Intriguing Dating And Love Life.The Story Includes How He Constantly Skipped Class Lectures In High School And Still Graduated Top Of His Class Also, Due To A Medical Condition In College, Went From Receiving A S To Getting F S , Yet Ultimately Becoming A Great A Student He Shares What He Went Through When He Did Not See His Little Son For Almost Four Years.Jimi Discusses How He Was So Afraid Of Public Speaking And Reading, But One Day Overcame It Through A Divine Act The Author Gives A Report About The Unorthodox Way He Was Inspired To Start Writing On A Professional Level.

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