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[Reading] ➭ Amazing You: Getting Smart About Your Private Parts ➵ Gail Saltz – Submitalink.info Mom, Where Do Babies Come From Many Parents Live In Fear Of The Day Their Child Asks That Question Which Inevitably Happens, Often As Early As The Preschool Years Here Is A Picture Book Designed Especially For Young Children Who Are Becoming Sexually Aware But Aren T Ready To Learn About Sexual Intercourse Written With Warmth And Honesty, Amazing You Presents Clear And Age Appropriate Information About Reproduction, Birth, And The Difference Between Girls And Boys Bodies Lynne Cravath S Whimsical Illustrations Enliven The Text, Making This A Book That Parents Will Gladly Share With Their Young Ones.

10 thoughts on “Amazing You: Getting Smart About Your Private Parts

  1. Kayla Kayla says:

    Says it s for preschoolers, but this book was a good starting point for the birds and the bees talk with my 8 and 6 year old With a new baby sister due very soon, they ve suddenly come up with lots of questions and the time was right to delve into the details a littlethan we have in the past Other books I ve checked

  2. jennifer jennifer says:

    Overall, I really liked this book It did a good job of presenting the body and the first understandings of reproduction My only disappoitment was in the wording of conception I find all books I have read emphasize, or word things such, that the sperm is active and the egg is passive an unfortunate perpetuation, and mirror,

  3. Jesse Jesse says:

    A good introduction to the basics of anatomy, but I wish it wasinclusive of people who identify differently than their assigned gender.

  4. Bridgette Elston Bridgette Elston says:

    This book sparked a lot of great conversation with my 6 year old I recently had a hysterectomy so she was fascinated by the pic of the uterus, now having a visual of what I had removed I do wish they had somehow discussed circumcision as she asked why her baby cousin s looked different than the pic I also wish it had a line about how

  5. Kristen Kristen says:

    I purchased this book for my four year old and it is exactly what I was looking for It is a great introduction to private parts, encourages children to be interested in them and learn about them, and also provides a basic explanation about how babies are made The book provides an appropriate level of detail for a preschooler My daughter has

  6. Tanya W Tanya W says:

    So funny how my little boys were so fascinated learning about their bodies and they asked me to read this a few times And now my littlest tells me often when I change his diaper, I have a private part, or he tells me a little bitabout it.

  7. Cassandra Gelvin Cassandra Gelvin says:

    Not enough here to be useful.It s one of those picture books that tries to talk about bodies and sex, and just doesn t talk about the hard parts Also, I m fairly sure that they don t actually mean that your head, arms, hands, legs, and feet are used every time you hug your mom, ride a bicycle, or eat a snack I usually don t use my feet when I eat a sna

  8. Meredith Meredith says:

    This picture book provides a basic introduction to sexual anatomy and pregnancy to young readers.Written specifically for children ages 1 to 6, this book was designed to assist caregivers in answering questions related to sexual anatomy and pregnancy These can be prompted by curiosity, awareness of pregnant women and babies, or the impending birth of a new s

  9. Jessica Dudenhofer Beery Jessica Dudenhofer Beery says:

    My children are getting the age where they are noticing the difference between boys and girls, so How to talk to your kids about sex Awkward Maybe not if you talk about it right from the start, at whatever level is appropriate That s our plan for our kids We ll see how it turns outThis book explains the anatomical differences between male and female bodies in an u

  10. Jennifer Stevens Jennifer Stevens says:

    A great book that raises some good questions, and information for your children regarding their body parts It gives an honest description of what our, private parts are, the differences between a boy and a girl, the anatomical name for our different private parts It also explains conception in an approachable and appropriate way for the age It leaves a good opening to s

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