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!!> Reading ➽ Among Wolves (Wolves of Llisé #1)  ➶ Author Nancy K. Wallace – Submitalink.info Young Devin Roch Is About To Graduate As An Archivist From The Prestigious Llis S University, And There Is Just One Task He Wants To Complete To Preserve A Complete History Of Llis.The History Of Llis And Its Fifteen Provinces Are A Peaceful Affair, Filled With Harmony, Resolution And A Rich Oral Tradition Of Storytelling Nothing Untoward Ever Happens In This Peaceful Land Or Does It Trainee Archivist Devin Roch Has Just Taken His Finals At The Prestigious Acad Mie As The Sixth Son Of The Ruler Of Llis , His Future Is His Own, And So He Embarks On An Adventure To Memorize Stories Chronicling The History Of Each Province.As Devin Begins His Journey With Only His Best Friend Gaspard And Their Guardian Marcus, He Hears Rumors Of Entire Communities Suddenly Disappearing Without A Trace And Of Master Bards Being Assassinated In The Night.As The Three Companions Get Closer To Unearthing The Truth Behind These Mysteries, They Can T Help But Wonder Whether It Is Their Pursuit That Has Led To Them.But If That Is The Case, What Do Llis And Devin S Father Have To Hide

10 thoughts on “Among Wolves (Wolves of Llisé #1)

  1. Mieneke Mieneke says:

    Among Wolves is Nancy K Wallace s first book written for adults and it is part of HarperVoyager s new digital first line of books When offered the book for review, what intrigued me most and what captured my attention first, was the description of the protagonist s profession as an archivist I have a soft spot for books featuring librarians, booksellers,

  2. Graeme Talboys Graeme Talboys says:

    Hurrah A librarian as hero with all the advantages and drawbacks that involves And from the outset this tells you that this is a fantasy with a difference True, all the usual elements are there, but this is a book that consider aspects of another world that are so often ignored the cultural and intellectual life of the inhabitants and how that can be just as pow

  3. edifanob edifanob says:

    Knowledge is power You will underline this sentrence after reading this amazing debut novel which tends to be a historical fantasy with a French background.Loveable characters, good world building, secrets, amazing story with only a fe...

  4. Bryan Crable Bryan Crable says:

    The first thing I should say is that this novel would be an accomplishment even by an established novelist It is remarkable, then, that this is Ms Wallace s debut novel.Among Wolves is the first book in the Wolves of Llise series I was unsure what to expect, but am now eagerly anticipating the rest of the series This volume chronicles the experiences of Devin Roche, a third y

  5. Rachel Rachel says:

    No star rating because the author is my favorite aunt and I am hopelessly biased However, I will put effort than usual into writing a review I have to say that at this point in my life I don t read much of this genre nor do I ever have decent blocks of time to sit and fully enjoy a book, but from about age 12 15 I simply inhaled young adult fantasy for hours at a time So it just ha

  6. Brooke Johnson Brooke Johnson says:

    An impossible quest, bards and historians at odds, a sweeping political conspiracy, and a twist on the tale of the Beast of G vaudan, all set in a provincial, historical French setting this book contains pretty much everything I look for in a historical fantasy novel, and the author does not disappoint in bringing them all to life in an entertaining, page turning read I stayed up past my b

  7. Ingrid Seymour Ingrid Seymour says:

    Among Wolves is a delightful fantasy read with a little bit of everything for everyone Mystery, adventure, a well crafted world and relatable characters Devin and his bold and worthwhile goal to visit all the provinces and learn their chronicles are quickly introduced and, immediately, the reader is plunged into an impossible adventure During his travels Devin meets with great opposition, intrigu

  8. Kelley Kelley says:

    Great epic fantasyI was completely engrossed in this great tale of political intrigue, dangerous travels and mystery The protagonist, Devin was both likable and a literary man after my own heart who is quickly in over his head, tangled in centuries old injustices Learning but by bit as he did made the take move quickly and I was at the end and wishing for before I knew it Really looking forward to the

  9. Stephen Moore Stephen Moore says:

    A welcome and refreshingly different fantasy tale In Among Wolves Nancy K Wallace presents us with a beautifully subtle blend of political intrigue with just the right amount of gruesome dark deeds Forget swords and sorcery Here you ll find a hero in the guise ...

  10. Yvonne Gulley Yvonne Gulley says:

    Twists and turnsHonestly I was looking for wolves and finally found them Plot twists and drama Good style and a lite reading pleasure More than usual reading delight Looking forward to the next installment.

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