[Download] ➾ Anfractuosite et unification ➼ Michel Dalissier – Submitalink.info

[Download] ➾ Anfractuosite et unification  ➼ Michel Dalissier – Submitalink.info This Work Is A Presentation Of The Philosophy Of Nishida Kitaro 1870 1970 According To The Notion Of Unification Toitsusuru What Does To Unify Mean Is It Reaching A Final Unity Or Endlessly Pursuing Unity Is Not Such A Pursuit Of Unity Pure Nothingness Does Not This Very Fear Come From The Fact That Man Cannot Face The Infinity That Stands Behind Being Itself But Then What Kind Of Place Could Correspond To Such A Beyond Is Finiteness The Limit Of The Self, Is The Notion Of Being The Only Key To The Story Of Reality Might An Absolute Nothingness Still Have Something To Do With Being We Follow Nishidas Answers Through Three Explorations Of His Major Works, Emphasizing His Intellectual Relation To Western Philosophy As Well As The Study Of The Annotations He Left In His Books Published With Support From The Foundation For The Study Of Language And Civilization In Japan French Text.

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