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[ BOOKS ] ✭ Angst: Origins of Anxiety and Depression Author Jeffrey P.  Kahn – Submitalink.info In This Path Breaking Volume, Engagingly Written For The General Public, Psychiatrist Jeffrey Kahn Reveals That The Angst Of Anxiety And Depression Ultimately Results From Our Transformation, Over Tens Of Thousands Of Years, From Biologically Shaped, Almost Herd Like Prehistoric Tribes, To Rational And Independent Individuals In Modern Civilization Because Of Our Reason, We Don T Choose To Act Like SheepKahn Looks At Five Basic Types Of Modern Day Angst Panic Anxiety, Social Anxiety, OCD, Atypical Depression, And Melancholic Depression And Shows How Each Derives From Primeval Social Instincts That Once Helped Our Ancestors Survive For Instance, The Panic Disorder Which Prevents Some People From Flying May Have Originally Evolved To Keep Our Tribal Ancestors From Traveling Dangerously Far From Home Likewise, The Increased Emotional Sensitivity To Social Rejection That Now Triggers Episodes Of Atypical Depression May Have Helped Maintain Polite Behavior And Social Harmony In Our Ancestors Our Distinctly Human Civilization And Rational Consciousness Lets Us Defy These Social Instincts But Those Over Ridden Instincts Can Resurface As Stressful Emotional Disorders Kahn Notes That Some Of Us Painfully Tackle This Distress Head On, In Ways That Can Advance Intellectual Creativity, Social Performance And Productivity He Also Describes The Interplay Of Instinct With The Advance Of Civilization, And On How Evolutionary Perspective Explains Why Modern Treatments Work Ranging From Darwin And Freud To The Most Cutting Edge Medical And Scientific Findings Drawing From Ancient Writings, Modern Humor And Popular Lyrics, And With Many Amusing Cartoons Angst Offers Us An Exciting New Slant On Some Of The Most Pervasive Mental Health Issues Of Our Time

10 thoughts on “Angst: Origins of Anxiety and Depression

  1. Jennie Jennie says:

    One of the best books about depression and other mental disorders on the market A modern take and fantastic explanation about how modern depression has existed through the ages I really enjoyed the quotes from musicians, playwrights, authors, and philosophers about life, human behaviour and art A glossary of clinical terms at the back helps break down symptoms and

  2. Rosanne Rosanne says:

    Again I find myself wanting Goodreads to give me the ability to rate books using half stars I found parts of this book to be fascinating, and naturally those were the parts that hit close to home I am absolutely certain that I fall somewhere along the spectrum that leads to Panic Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Atypical Depression and also, some days, OCD And I learned from this bo

  3. Carol Mann Agency Carol Mann Agency says:

    Most of the theorists who study mental illness through the lens of evolution have never seen a patient themselves This is what makes Dr Kahn s approach unique Dr Kahn refracts theory through his rich experience as a clinician and the result is a thesis on evolutionary psychiatry that is both conceptually rich and pragmatically valuable Sally Satel, MD, Yale University psychiatry facul

  4. Dave Peticolas Dave Peticolas says:

    Why do human beings have anxiety, why are there so many different kinds of it, and what is to be done The book presents the author s comprehensive theory on the evolutionary origins of human anxiety, how anxiety can be made better or worse by modern civilization, and the best current ways of treating it The central thesis is that most if not all human anxiety is social anxiety of one form or an

  5. Shannon Shannon says:

    a mixture of basic psychology, and weird evopysch musings The author seems to strain to make everything fit his theory.

  6. Sue Sue says:

    It s an i teresting subject However, I got about halfway through and realized I wasn t connecting with the author s presentation of the material at all I skimmed the rest and called it a draw.

  7. Jeff Vankooten Jeff Vankooten says:

    Great scholarly overview of the dynamics of Anxiety and Depression These separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom

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