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[ Reading ] ➸ Assumptions Author Melanie Codina – Submitalink.info What Happens When A Girl Set On Playing By The Rules Finds A Guy Worth Breaking Them For Leeann Bradley Is A College Graduate Who Has Achieved Many Of Her Personal Goals, All Because She Follows The Rules She S Set For Herself It S Simple, You Work Hard, Enjoy Life, Surround Yourself With Friends And Family, Avoid Jumping To Conclusions And Oh Yeah, Don T Date College Athletes These Rules Have Worked Well And Taken Her Down The Path She Wants In Life So What S A Girl To Do When Temptation, In The Form Of A Sexy College Soccer Player, Is Placed Right In The Middle Of That Path Deciding When To Break The Rules Has Never Been Easier For Leeann But When Assumptions Are Made, And Than Just The Rules Are Broken Will She Be Able To Find Her Way Down That Path Again And What Happens When It S No Longer The Path She S Meant To Take Until Now, Jonathan Baxter Had One Primary Focus In His Life, Soccer All Decisions Made, Have Been Based On How It Could Affect His Ability To Play Soccer His Grades, His Choice Of College, Any Type Of Extracurricular Activities, Were All Carefully Assessed All Of It Has Made Playing College Soccer Possible But When An Injury Sidelines Him For The Foreseeable Future, And Jeopardizes His Dreams, He Has To Work Even Harder Than Before Rehabilitating His Injury Becomes His Primary Objective Until He Meets Leeann, A Physical Therapy Assistant Whose Touch Has The Ability To Make Him Lose Focus She Has Him Thinking There Could In His Life In His Future Than Just Soccer So What S Jonathan To Do When Leeann Assumes He S Just Like Every Other Jock Out There He Has To Prove Her Assumptions Wrong

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  1. Lisa A Lisa A says:

    I loved Jonathan and LeeAnn s love story This book had me smiling as I was reading it I thought they had amazing chemistry and their playful banter and sarcasm just made me smile I was thrilled the character from Melanie Codina s first series made a couple of guest appearances, since Jonathan is Gillian s son I wasn t expecting a new series I thought it would be a continuation of th

  2. Emma Edwards Emma Edwards says:

    Assumptions ,,,, this is definitely the right title for this book ,,, everyone makes assumptions throughout their lifetime ,,, ok sometimes these are good but sometimes they can be bad or misguided assumptions ,,, but we are all guilty of doing it ,,, aren t we So this book is Jonathan and Leeanns story ,,, hopefully you would have already read Melanie s other work The Real Love Series

  3. Paige T Paige T says:

    I absolutely loved Jonathan He s a hot soccer player, but is also super sweet and loves his family He also melts your heart with his interactions with his little sister.I thought Lee was a pretty great character, but there were a few things she did I wasn t a fan of. view spoiler I didn t like how she kept jumping to conclusions The fact that Jonathan put a password on his phone shouldn t h

  4. RJ RJ says:

    I m kinda mad at myself for jumping straight into this book before finding out if it s a standalone or not I have now added the second book here on GR but I thought this was a standalone when I read it and I hate finishing a book only to find out that it s incomplete I highly enjoyed the book itself though I absolutely loved Lee and Jonathan s banter throughout the book and I just loved the str

  5. Yanilsa Griffin~BFD Bookblog Yanilsa Griffin~BFD Bookblog says:

    First of all, let s start with SOCCER PLAYERS I REPEAT, SOCCER PLAYERS sigh, let s continue our regularly scheduled programming Let s continue..a sports book that actually KNOWS the sport and I am SOLD The times the book touches on the sport, you can just tell Melanie knows what she s talking about Half the time, they author will lose me from trying too hard to convey something that they clearly kn

  6. Hope Sheesley Hope Sheesley says:

    I have been counting down the days before I could get my hands on Assumptions for a while now because I was so excited for another book by the super talented Melanie Codina I just finished it and I am drowning in the amount of feels that I have I fell in love with the Baxter family in The Real Love series of books This book is a spinoff of that series and focuses on Jonathan one of the children of Gill

  7. Miranda Miranda says:

    This book completely blew me away Melanie Codina sure knows how to write a beautiful romance The relationship between Jonathan and Lee was perfectly developed, and it didn t happen too quickly or too slowly Jonathan and Lee had scenes of pure wittiness, which had me laughing out loud There were also scenes at made me swoon, and scenes that made me feel like I was almost sweating due to the passion Their re

  8. Twinsie Talk Angie J Twinsie Talk Angie J says:

    I beta read this book for the awesome author.Ok if you have read the Real Love Series, you met Jonathan in book 1 He is Gillian and Logan s son who really really REALLY hates his dad for what he did to Gillian Now if you didn t read this book or the books in that series, it is ok You will find out in the novel what Logan does to make his son hate him HOWEVER, if you haven t you will get to meet the CRAZY Baxte

  9. Moon Love Moon Love says:

    I really liked the premise of the book and was hoping to enjoy the book as much, and I did I have soft spot for soccer players, bad boys, and good girls, but not necessarily in that order I was surprised because the story wasn t exactly what I was expecting, but something sweeter.Leeann likes to be called Lee and she s happy and comfortable with who she is She loves her job, her friends, her mom, and doesn t reall

  10. beth myrick beth myrick says:

    I really liked this onestoryline.loved the fated to meet idea I also liked the immediate attraction and the slow build the story never felt rushed it never slowed down to make me lose interest.characters.I fortunately liked both characters I have to admit I got annoyed, but I wasn t annoyed enough to give up on them.drama angst.yes, I saw it coming it was okay though because I just really like this writer s style I dr

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