Kindle Edition ↠ Avengers MOBI ñ

Kindle Edition  ↠ Avengers MOBI ñ The Wasp visits the Mansion and comes face to face with the Liberators, an all female super hero team fighting male oppression Team leader Valkyrie was a former scientist who exposed herself to a chemical after squaring off with a chauvinistic colleague Now, Valkyrie is endowed with super human strength, and will stop at nothing to fight the double standard of being a super woman First Lady Liberators look out boys Not awful, but nothing to write home about Outside of Futurama, I m not a big fan of battle of the sexes stories This one no doubt due to when it was written isn t handled particularly well, and a few sexist remarks are made from the male characters The art, however, was good, and Wanda was a standout in this issue. Nice to see how far we ve come, I guess.

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