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[ EPUB ] ✼ Avengers (1963-1996) #83  Author Roy Thomas – Submitalink.info THIS ISSUE WAS SOOOO ICONIC i had a few issues w it being that valk s first appearance wasn t even as herself roy thomas idea of feminism isso whack every 2 seconds someone said male chauvinist pig OTHER THAN THAT.ICONIC ISSUE Not awful, but nothing to write home about Outside of Futurama, I m not a big fan of battle of the sexes stories This one no doubt due to when it was written isn t handled particularly well, and a few sexist remarks are made from the male characters The art, however, was goo The Wasp Visits The Mansion And Comes Face To Face With The Liberators, An All Female Super Hero Team Fighting Male Oppression Team Leader Valkyrie Was A Former Scientist Who Exposed Herself To A Chemical After Squaring Off With A Chauvinistic Colleague Now, Valkyrie Is Endowed With Super Human Strength, And Will Stop At Nothing To Fight The Double Standard Of Being A Super Woman

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