Battle Mage: Forging New Steel PDF/EPUB À Forging New

Battle Mage: Forging New Steel PDF/EPUB À Forging New Sebastian had just escaped from the silver void between portals after being trapped by his nemesis with his companion Ashleen, only to be trapped in a different way as the king plans a celebration for the newly returned legendary figure Gerid Aramathea, the high king and immortal imprisoned by the Dark One for generations As the one who led the expedition to find the high king, he is celebrated even as the humble battle mage wishes for a little peace and quiet after the long journeyAfter months away from his homeland, Sebastian is ready to research the many things he has learned along the way Finding a black smith, the mage first begins to learn about metal to try and discover the secret of the ancient weapon used to make his magical Hollow Sword Along with his new assistant and student, Ashleen, a wilder wizard the battle mage works to become a sword smith to create swords for his fellow mages while researching the mysterious runes gifted to a handful of his people by the mysterious sea folk Peace and quiet is hard to come by for the battle mage as he is pulled away for parades, celebrations in the king s castle and Ashleen decides that she wants to be than just his friend and student As if these weren t enough distractions, the Dark One s spies continue to work to cause dissention among Southwall s cities as his nemesis, Palose, uses his portal magic to sneak into his former country to cause trouble for the king and his people Sebastian is called on to try and figure out how to stop him with only one lucky cast of the spell behind him How will the battle mage juggle serving his king, figuring out the enemy s magic and fending off the pretty girl who thinks he may be the one at the same time Oh, and he has only a few weeks before his girlfriend returns home besides Decent entry in the series. I wonderI wonder if the last battle is coming soon I am glad to see something s have been settled though I also wonder if some characters we met in other books will be teaming up with owl for the last battle.

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