[Epub] ↠ Bending to the Bachelor's Will (Trust Fund Affairs, #3) Author Emilie Rose – Submitalink.info

[Epub] ↠ Bending to the Bachelor's Will (Trust Fund Affairs, #3) Author Emilie Rose – Submitalink.info 5 STAR AWESOME One Unbelievably Desirable Banker Kisses Could Melt The U.S Mint Short Term Loans Only Former Debutante Holly Prescott Had Shunned Her Wealth And Its Trappings For A Simpler Life But A Foolhardy Promise To Buy A Bachelor At A Charity Auction Led Her To An Unexpected Man Successful Banker Eric Alden Eric Refused To Submit To The Highest Bidder Instead, He Targeted Holly A Woman He Could Trust To Be His Date The Transaction Would Be Simple No Strings Attached Yet The Attraction Between Them Was Too Magnetic To Ignore And Too Explosive To Continue. Holly Prescott has shunned her wealthy background for a simpler life but promised her friends to participate in a Bachelor Auction There, banker Eric Alden talks her into buying him to escape the clutches of the grasping socialites present and to satisfy his mother, even offering to pay for her purchase The dates wo Good read.. Holly Prescott knew she was going to have to suffer through 10 dates if her firefighter didn t go over her price limit at a local charity auction An auction she shouldn t even be bidding on thanks to her unstable final situation she found herself in even since she invested in an old boyfriend who she hasn t seen in over and year and shunned her family s wealthy company The biggest shock of it all was when her best friend s brother asked her to buy him So now, Holly found herself facing 10 dates with Eric Alden Not only was he against the friend code to like, but he also lived in the world she had given up Throughout the dates they gain appreciation for each other and try to deny the

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