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[ Reading ] ➽ Beyond the Vows Author Ed Griffin – Submitalink.info JP Lacey Throws Himself Into The Priesthood After Twelve Years In The Seminary The Year Is He S Going To Free The Captives And Give Sight To The Blind As The Prophet Isaiah Has Directed He Hears Confessions, Chaplains Parish Groups And Struggles To Bring God Into The Lives Of The People But Nothing Works As He Anticipated The World Is In Tumult With The Death Of JFK, Civil Rights Demonstrations, The War In Vietnam And The Sexual Revolution Even The Rock Strong Catholic Church Has Been Shaken By The Second Vatican Council Searches For Answers The Fierce God Of His Childhood Gives Way To A God Of Love Helping Others Replaces A Life Of Rules But A Deep Void Eats At His Heart He Is AloneWhen A Young Woman In The Parish, Caitlin O Neil, Contacts Him For Help, JP Must Decide What Kind Of Priest He Will Be Caitlin Has Been Ordered To Fire The Only Black Man In The Company She Works For Will JP Offer Pious Advice Or Will He Stand With Her, Even When He Discovers That The Owner Of The Company Is A Good Friend Of The Bishop S JP Finds Himself Falling In Love With Caitlin Despite His Vows Caitlin Struggles With Her Feelings She S Been Raised Catholic And Falling In Love With A Priest Is Taboo In Addition, A Dynamic Union Organizer Has Proposed To Her A Wild Ex Nun Shows JP One Way To Leave The Priesthood, While A Self Educated Church Janitor Counsels A Different WayWhat Is Love Where Is God Why Celibacy When Do You Follow Your Conscience And Not The Church

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  1. Kathy Lovasik Kathy Lovasik says:

    Loved this book.This subject matter is near and dear to my heart I am married to a resigned priest So much of what happened to JP happened to my husband There are a lot of good priests who left the church because of the good old boys mentality.

  2. Thatkliqkid Thatkliqkid says:

    Really enjoyed this book.

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