10 thoughts on “Blood Hostages (Planescape: Blood Wars, #1)

  1. Tiberius Bones Tiberius Bones says:

    There are only a few reviews on goodreads for this novel and they are all bad However, there are no reasons given for the hatefest this book is receiving I picked this book up at a Walmart when I was a kid I thoroughly enjoyed it and have re read it multiple times It isn t a masterpiece, but the visuals are imaginative Nd the plot works The environments are crazy and the charact

  2. Anthony Emmel Anthony Emmel says:

    Oh, gaming genre fiction sometimes you re good, occasionally brilliant but usually mediocre Oh where to start I m lost going through this book than Aereas and Nina seeing Sigil for the first time No good point of reference at the beginning Nothing to set up a trans on why we should care about these characters We had 39 minutes in a movie to learn about Luke one would think that a bo

  3. Nilquest Nilquest says:

    kids killing a maralith in one round i don t think so

  4. Craig Craig says:

    I have only myself to blame really Most of the old TSR novelisations for Dungeons and Dragons have a well deserved reputation of being badly written shovel literature written to take advantage of kids that didn t know any better I had thought that the inherent coolness of the Planescape setting might mitigate against this, but I was disappointed Blood Hostages is not a good novel by any defin

  5. Brendan Coster Brendan Coster says:

    This is a really bad book This is also a pretty good crappy planescape novel So I m averaging out 2 stars in general and 4 stars for what it s meant to be I was also led to believe this book had happening in Sigil and it leads you to think it may but like Pages of Pain it pretty quickly diverts you down a dark alley and then elsewhere which has...

  6. Justin Salisbury Justin Salisbury says:

    I enjoy DD novels in general, but this series is horrible.

  7. Jan Jan says:


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