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!!> PDF / Epub ☁ Born for Love:Reflections on Loving ✍ Author Leo F. Buscaglia – Submitalink.info Good for the soul I am totally digging this book so far It s not like a huge long book that tells a story or anything, kind of like different sayings or snippets that are different on each page but each has its own message which is pretty neat. The Man Who First Brought Love To The Classroom Offers A Postgraduate Course For People In Every Kind Of Relationship And For Those Who Yearn For Love In Powerful Short Takes, Leo Buscaglia Turns The Light Of His Wisdom On Every Facet Of The Priceless Jewel Of Love And Discusses Love That Is Than A Comfort Zone Creating An Us Without Destroying The Me The Value Of Differences, And So Much These Challenging Lessons In Loving Will Enrich Your Life For As Long As You Live. Slightly cheesy but pretty much what you d expect from a book with this title I have been revisiting the ideas presented in a Love and Morality Seminar I took in college I think they used both this author s works and C.S Lewis as reference material It s very interesting. It is easy to see why someone who was in a rush to purchase books for a voracious reader would see this book and think it a likely one for me to enjoy When I was reading it in the break room this afternoon at work, I was asked if I was reading a romance novel, and I had to demur, since this is most definitely not a romance novel Yet my coworker was onto something, in that this book is about romantic love, as well as love in other, vague and general senses, and the person who bought this book for me would have likely not purchased it had she read it than a little before buying it in a rush The reason for that is indicated quite plainly by the author himself, a former professor of a love class at the University of Southern California 1 where I attended my undergraduate studies, which coincidentally enough did not include this particular course, when he says Our goal, after all, is humanness, not godliness 154 My criticisms of this book, and they are many, do not detract from the fact that the author is right that we are born for love, and and they are distinct from the fact that the author concedes he was viewed as nut for setting up a college course as a tenured professor at USC in the study and practice of love He This is one of my all time favorite books I live by the messages in this book It s filled with short inpiring stories and theories of how to love your best. Love it Leo Buscaglia is a special writer, he transmits his love remarkably in this book I bought this book just because the title seems like the very me, however it is so much better than expected I think I 2017. . .

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