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[Read] ➺ Brief Candles ➶ Manning Coles – Submitalink.info Sally And Jeremy Latimer Are Pleased, If Somewhat Puzzled, When Two Gentlemen With Decidedly Old World Manners Choose To Befriend Them When Their Car Mysteriously Breaks Down In The Small French Village Of St Denissur Aisne While On Holiday One Fine Day In What They Don T Know Is That The Two Men, James And Charles Latimer, Are Ancestors Of Theirs The Two Shuffled Off This Mortal Coil Some Years Earlier When, Emboldened By Strong Drink And With Only A Pet Monkey And An Aged Waiter As Allies, The Two Made A Valiant, Foolish And Quite Fatal Attempt To Halt A German Advance During The Franco Prussian War Of Now, These Two Ectoplasmic Gentlemen And Their Spectral Pet Monkey Ulysses Have Been Summoned From Their Final Resting Place In An Unmarked Grave Because Their Visiting Relatives Are In Serious TroubleBut Before They Can Solve The Younger Latimers Problems, The Three Benevolent Spirits Light Brief Candles Of Insanity For A Tipsy Policeman, A Recalcitrant Banker, A Convocation Of English Ghost Busters, And A Card Playing Rogue Who S Wanted For Murder

10 thoughts on “Brief Candles

  1. Caroline Caroline says:

    Brief Candles by Manning Coles was written in 1954 and has the feel of something written with the intention of of turning it into a 1950s Hollywood style buddy comedy.It opens in the 19th century and features the cousins Charles and James Latimer One is a Confederate officer, and the other an English lord Both are brave, chivalrous, humorous and reckless While

  2. Linda Brue Linda Brue says:

    BRIEF CANDLES, Manning Coles, 1954Rue Morgue Press has brought back into print the wonderful little series starring Charles and James Latimer, out of print for too many decades.Sally and Jeremy Latimer are motoring through a small French village when their car mysteriously breaks down Two nice gentlemen with nice old world type manners and dress stop to assist

  3. Marsha Valance Marsha Valance says:

    A delightful Thorne Smith like comedy supernatural adventure Cousins James and Charles Latimer, murdered, along with Charles pet monkey Ulysses, during the Franco Prussian War, return to life to help a 1950s family member in distress.

  4. Mary Jo Mary Jo says:

    A fun read, reminiscent of Topper by Thorne Smith.

  5. Kathryn McCary Kathryn McCary says:

    I read this, and the two others in the series, in high school, and have been looking for them ever since to reread The ghosts of cousins one American, one English who died in the 19th Century reappear to help family members in the 20th No deep intellectual pretensions, but they are light hearted, well plotted, with amusing characters The writing is reminiscent of

  6. Usfromdk Usfromdk says:

    An enjoyable light read.

  7. Deb Deb says:

    This is not so much a continuing plot that builds as events unfold but,tales of ghostly adventures loosely adhering to the story of two ghosts on a quest to help their troubled ancestors The entertaining episodes are full of the clever dialog and the comical ruses of our two likably Victorian ghosts Also, the interplay of the 1870 world with the 1950 world made this

  8. Melinda Wilson Melinda Wilson says:

    This charmingly eccentric story comes complete with manners, a strong sense of right and wrong and a great deal of fun The odd sense of dark and eccentric humor is rather reminiscent to me of Douglas Adams and is utterly delightful It is also extremely well written It is one of the best books I ve read in a very long time.

  9. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    This is a sweet ghost story that takes place in the 1950 s in France Two spirits who lived originally in the time of the Franco Prussian war of 1870 return to help out some relatives in trouble The story is filled with delightful anachronisms as these visitors from the past have to learn to adapt and fit in so as not to call attention to themselves.

  10. John John says:

    A bit lighter sillier than the Topper books by Thorne Smith, but who can resist a spectral simian with a penchant for the grape I laughed aloud when he spat out a glass of Dubonnet in disgust thinking it was port.Series promises to be a real hoot

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