10 thoughts on “Bugs

  1. Alyssa Ricard Alyssa Ricard says:

    I think this is a great read aloud book It s an easy read for students, but I think the description of the bugs is great to go over together It s a perfect way to introduce a science lesson Very informative

  2. Keegan Keegan says:

    K So this is gross, but in a cool fascinating way These enlarged illustrations of some nasty bugs mosquitos, ticks, etc are awesome

  3. Allie Krukowski Allie Krukowski says:

    The genre of this book is Informational One unique feature is that it includes jokes I think this book could be used in grades K 2.

  4. Kara Campfield Kara Campfield says:

    An informational text that covers different bugs and why they make the noises they do, or why they make people sick, or why the just do what they do 1 Bugs2 Cause and Effect3 Parts of animals

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    Book Title Bugs by Nancy Winslow ParkerShort Description of the Book In this text, Parker describes the details of multiple insects The authors use diagrams to show the various parts of the insects as well as describe the life cycle and growth of several insects Focus Diagrams for all about writing The book Bugs is full of detailed dia

  6. Samantha Penrose Samantha Penrose says:

    This book is great for reading to kids of varying ages.Each featured bug gets a two page spread.the left side has a cute cartoony picture and a rhyme Whose shrill sound woke Ada A cicada the right side has a detailed drawing with labeled anatomy...

  7. Daphne Da Silva Daphne Da Silva says:

    I personally think that this book is good because of course you get to learn things and I liked it but I got goosebumps because of the bugs and the picture they had of the bugs I leaned some things and again and again, I liked it and leaned things about bugs like what type of noise th...

  8. ABC ABC says:

    This is a nice book that has one page appropriate for toddlers, the other page appropriate for older kids The older kids page has a close up picture of the bug and information about it But I only gave it three stars because close ups of bugs like cockroaches make me squeamish

  9. Rose Rose says:

    595.7 Par

  10. Ashley Ashley says:

    This book is a great resource for teaching insects to students This book would be great for children in grades 1 3 to use during a science lesson on insects.

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