10 thoughts on “Changeling

  1. Mandy Mandy says:

    Detractors will say this book isn t that great it s too dark, the hopefulness of Changeling The Dreaming isn t honored here, it s mired in horror and degradation Many claiming the title of abuse survivor says this is an insult to what they ve been through.All I can sa

  2. Cleverusername2 Cleverusername2 says:

    I felt great excitement and trepidation when Changeling the Lost was announced excitement that White Wolf s Changeling line was getting new life after the fizzling ending in Time of Judgment no disrespect to the authors mind you and trepidation because I knew it wouldn t be li

  3. Abby Estes Abby Estes says:

    White Wolf s re launch of its World of Darkness series has been met with mixed reactions from the gaming community, but I am happy to say that their reinterpretation of Changeling has taken this odd game out title and made it into a contender for best game of the series Those who have

  4. Phoenix Scientist Phoenix Scientist says:

    Very good system and world, as expected from whitewolf.

  5. MissM MissM says:

    I loved C tD I really do not like C tL As I m reading it, I find that I have to agree with the detractors C tD had, at it s core, a sense of hope It was about finding, creating and encouraging Beauty in an ugly, cruel world C tL has no hope The hope was ripped violently away before the game ever started

  6. Stacey Stacey says:

    This is a marked improvement over Changeling The Dreaming It brings the dark back into this World of Darkness title If I could find someone to run a game I think I have a couple of good ideas for characters It wasn...

  7. Colin Colin says:

    Definitely a different and, I think, better take on changelings in the new World of Darkness and these really are changelings , not faeries abducted to another world, with fetches left in their place on earth, they escape back to the World of Darknes...

  8. Daniel Daniel says:

    I was originally worried that I would not like the New World of Darkness books, as I was a very large fan of the original universe However after reading Changeling I was very impressed I like the ideas and the rules that they have come up with It has jump started a lot...

  9. Francisco Becerra Francisco Becerra says:

    The best of the nWoD, it is a dark reflection of Changeling the Dreaming In this version the fair folk is demented, incredibly powerfuld and twisted to the extreme The players are survivors of their twisted machinations, forever transform...

  10. John DiPietro John DiPietro says:

    This is one of the finest RPGs on the market The game strikes the perfect chord between having options for your characters and keeping the game simple and accessible The core book alone gies you plenty of ideas and the tools to create adventures even without using other sour...

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