Chasing Texas: Stories of the Rountree Boys ePUB Æ

Chasing Texas: Stories of the Rountree Boys ePUB Æ InSedge Rountree slips away from his East Texas home with no idea of how much he ll learn about himself from the many unique people he ll meet and from the adventures in store as he searches for a place in the west of the state working cattle Circumstances throw his nephew Travis right out of high school and into ranch work as the breadwinner inalong the upper Texas coast where he has to prove himself as cowboy, detective, and inventor And inTravis son Ezell in far West Texas runs smack into the evil of drug runners as he searches in Mexico for his missing wife

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  1. Kenneth Fuchs Kenneth Fuchs says:

    Chasing Texas is a genuine treasure, especially for readers who live in Texas and know the Lone Star State well Written in three parts dealing with three generations of Rountree Boys, author Reece Newton, a native of Beaumont, vividly brings to life the sights and smells, the wildlife and flora of the Piney Woods of East Texas in the first section, beginning in 1915 in Hardin Co

  2. Lorraine Heartfield Lorraine Heartfield says:

    Settle down for a good read with Chasing Texas It s warm, well paced, and at the end, a little unsettling This saga begins with Sedge, a young boy bent on following his dream west and ends two generations and eighty years later with Ezell in a cave in far west Texas Through the lives of the Rountree boys, their families, and the folks they meet along the way, Newton depicts the Texan cha

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