Reading ➿ Cheating to Survive (Fix It or Get Out #1) Author Christine Ardigo –

Reading ➿ Cheating to Survive (Fix It or Get Out #1)  Author Christine Ardigo – Can Cheating On Your Husband Bring Unimaginable Pleasure Or Completely Destroy Your World To Her Three Daughters, Heather Is A Fun Loving, Silly Mom Her Co Workers At Norlyn Plains Hospital Think She Has It All, Including A Handsome Lawyer Husband But When A Flirtatious New Doctor Chooses Heather To Spend His Down Time With, He Reminds Her Of The Man She Regrettably Gave Up So Many Years Before Each Interaction Breathes New Life Into Her And She Gives In To The Doctor S Seductions, Threatening Her Fifteen Year Marriage Her Co Workers Victoria And Catherine, Are Stunned By Her Actions, But When They See The Positive Transformation In Heather, And Question Their Own Crumbling Marriages, They Wonder If She Has The Right Idea Can Cheating On Their Husbands Bring The Three Of Them Happiness Or Will They Be Destroyed By The Consequences

10 thoughts on “Cheating to Survive (Fix It or Get Out #1)

  1. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    The story line is fierce and intimate The details are raw and accurate I was amazed at the style in which this author chose to use in the plots of this book If you want hot

  2. Teri Grabowski Teri Grabowski says:

    Cheating to Survive by Christine Ardigo, is a well written, realistic plot with well defined characters I enjoyed getting to know the characters and the why s of what transpired thro

  3. Robyn Roze Robyn Roze says:

    As an almost fifty year old woman myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reading a book that included the POVs of three women at different stages in their family lives, careers, parenting, and marriages

  4. Vanessa Sans Vanessa Sans says:

    I really enjoyed that I went into this having no idea what to expect The title really it what is says The title explains this entire book in just three words I can totally see the title turning many rea

  5. Jennifer Theriot Jennifer Theriot says:

    SURVIVAL What a Girl Needs I absolutely ADORED this book Such a great entertaining read and quite different from the normal stereotypical romance novel.I could totally identify with each of the characters and I l

  6. Debbi Robinson Debbi Robinson says:

    The author does a great job of drawing you in from the first few pages I was unable to put this book down.It was so well written, you could feel the emotions of each character as if you were there with them Would highly re

  7. Danielle Rose-West Danielle Rose-West says:

    I was given an advance copy of this book to review by the author, prior to publication.This book is very much a realistic life story It revolves around three women who all work in the same hospital Each one of them is unhappy with t

  8. Sheila Kell Sheila Kell says:

    This is an excellent read perfect debut novel Cheating to Survive by Christine Ardigo is a story that has a realistic plot with well developed characters that draw you into the story from the beginning All three women, Heather, Victoria and C

  9. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Three exceptional women are married to three exceptionally bad husbands All three husbands deserve to be kicked out on their butts, but Christine Ardigo gives us a wonderful alternate scenario each woman begins an affair,with total justification if eve

  10. Ashley Ashley says:

    I could not put it down Even in the rain I couldn t stop reading this amazing book and ended up finishing in a day After ever chapter it always kept me guessing and wanting to readandMy friend and I read the book together and after every chapter we would call ea

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