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➯ Citadel of the Sky (Thrones of the Firstborn #1)  Read ➸ Author Chrysoula Tzavelas – Submitalink.info This book wants to be a magic story in the style of Sanderson aliens are invading, and nobody really knows how magic works, but they ve got to learn the rules really fast if they want to beat the aliens.Where the book falls down is in its failure to explain the rules of magic Partially this is because the viewpoint characters have lived with magic their whole lives, so they don t bother with exposition about it the way we learn how it works is by watching them do it But there are a bunch of places where the characters are confused they say stuff like gee, wow, we have no idea how any of this magic stuff works or what it means, sure would be nice to know that , and then it never gets explained.Complicating the issue magic, and anything related to magic, drives the user slowly insane So all the viewpoint char This novel was the F BOM Fall 2018 Book of the Month Full review here On Chrysoula Tzavelas s author website she describes Citadel of the Sky as the first installment of a pentalogy that explores what happens generations after the Chosen One defeats the Dark Lord She takes this premise and runs wild wi As a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, I can say that after while my state of mind could only be classified as LOST in between the second last episode and the season finale, it was something HUGE for Citadel of the Sky to pull me out of a Game Of Thrones funk and get me into another world because it was THAT good I should probably start by saying that I m NOT going to elaborate on the actual story here, because if I tell you what happens, why would you read it Like if someone told me about The Red Wedding, I d probably not have been so heartbroken and shell shocked when it took place But what I should say is that all you GoT fans who just want something as good without all the heartbreak this is the book for it And the fact that I m saying this with all my heart surprises me as well, because, if I m being brutally honest, I didn t expect to like this book, and I started it quite late and only because I had to But trust me, there s no bloody murder in this book 7 January 2016 0.00 FREE on Kindle I found this book through Kickstarter, having no previous knowledge of the author s work I was hooked as soon as I read the preview I backed the Kickstarter immediately and spent days wondering what happened next while I waited for the Kickstarter to end and my purchase to be filled This book has a gripping, constantly evolving plot with a tinge of horror, set in a world with unique and complex systems of religion, politics and magic.The only thing I disliked about it is that it ends on a cliffhanger I m surprised to see the royal family s magic described as making them go mad in the blurb, because that makes this book sound like every other story that uses a sort of generic madness as a trope, when it s the opposite No one goes mad in this book The madness isn t used as a threat there s no pretense that the characters are Normal and Sane now, but might Go Mad in some irrevocable, fate worse than death way if they do the wrong thing None of that This is a book in which a bunch of people who are mentally ill now, already, do their best to cope and also rule a country, solve mysteries, and fight off invading armies I cannot say strongly enough how impressed I am with the balan Disclaimer I received an Advanced Reader Copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This in no way impacted my review Citadel of the Sky is a book that I had incredibly high hopes for I was interested in reading this one for a long time However the further I got the ARC through Netgalley in exchange for providing an honest review.It was my first book from the author and the first thing that caught my eye was it s intriguing synopsis which promises too much fantasy.Well coming to the book I ve got so many problems with it, first of all the writing skills are really hard to understand and there were so many words that aren t clear and confusing.Other than the problem with the writing skills, there were so many corrections to be done The Only good thing that i liked about this book was its interesting plot and the authors creative imagination.There were too many characters with unusual names that was pretty hard to follow.The story was told in Kiar s and Tiana s pov s that made it difficult to follow because sometimes i ve confused Kiar with Tiana.I don t know who is the protagonist in the story but I ve liked Kiar than Tiana The battle at the end was what made me frustrated argh There w Firstly I would like to thank netgallery and the author publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review My review is as follows This book was an OK read I would like to praise the author for their imaginative but the whole thing for me was that it was trying too hard to be an epic fantasy and I got confused The main character are Kier and Tiana but if I m honest neither of these characters grabbed me as interesting I may be too old to relate to these characters though as it seems others liked them very much so I feel I am the problem there The secondary characters are fleeting and I didn t feel they added a great deal to the story so I have nothing to mention here The storyline was action packed but I feel that some of the descriptions of creatures were lacking and I was confused for a whole chunk of this book The pacing was good throughout the Make room, GRRM Chrysoula Tzavelas knows how to bring on the pain.I ve just finished CITADEL OF THE SKY, and, like, whoa.This is not GRRM style fantasy, let me make that clear You don t spend every turn of the page in fear that your protagonists are all going to be dead on the next one It s a cast of several, but not thousands It s also under 300 pages, which is like a quarter or a third of the length of a GRRM book And in voice it s it s not even faintly GRRM It s almost well, the tone is like Eddings or Brooks or Lackey or it s not grimdark You can t possibly mistake it for grimdark, even if four people are dead by the end of the first paragraph which is one of the greatest opening paragraphs I ve ever read.But holy crap, does it bring on the pain But mostly psychological pain the royal family has a gift for magic that leads to madness, and nobody I know writes crazy like Chrysoula does She captures emotion and mindset incredibly well, and there were whole scenes I spent going holy shit THAT S how you do that in a book There are two main viewpoint characters in CITADEL, Tiana and Kiar Tiana tries desperately to be the Normal Good Girl, which her position and surrounding events are never going to let her be The moment where she stops being the Good Girl for a very necessary reason is very powerful, by dint of coming out of such regular, normal language this isn t stylised epic, it s epic in a voice you and I would use if w A Dark Lord Is Rising Again But Hey, That S What The Royal Family Is For, Right Kicking Butt In Nice Dresses A New Epic Tradition Her Not Very Serene Highness Princess Tiana Tries Her Best Not To Think About The Dark Lords Ravaging Her Country Or How The Magic In Her Bloodline Makes Her Family Go Mad The Descendant Of A Legendary Hero, She Prefers Bringing The Myths Of Old To Life On The Theater Stage, Not On The Battlefield Then A Rash Of Suspicious Deaths Strikes The Regents Trusted Advisors, Friends, And Guides To Her Troubled Royal Family And The Noble S Council Tries To Cover It All Up Tiana Is Determined To Get To The Bottom Of The Murders And The Conspiracy, Even If That Means Making A Dangerous Pact With A Telepathic Demon Trapped In A Magical Sword But He May Just Be The Edge She Needs To Save The People She Loves Cursed Sword In Hand, Tiana And Her Friends Prepare To Face The Encroaching Darkness And The Ultimate Truth About Her And Her Family.

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