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Color. Cut. Clarity PDF ↠ Color. Cut.  PDF \ Michelle, Bridget and Darlene are three best friends growing up in a notorious Brooklyn housing project known for its high poverty, deadly violence and relentless murders, who are about to change their circumstances when one of them gets the chance of a lifetime After witnessing a robbery gone bad by a neighborhood thug named Tone, Michelle is left with the bag of stolen money Seeing it as an opportunity to build a relationship with her dope fiend mother as well as change her and her friend s financial status, she starts her own drug empire with the help of her mother and her friends When she gets an unexpected call from Tone about the stolen money he gave her to hold, they hit it off and become romantically involved New to the game, Michelle is schooled on the dangers and pitfalls and doesn t take it lightly Her first introduction to tragedy is when her mother is brutally murdered She vows revenge to anyone involved and turns up the heat and becomes a queen pin and births her crew Precious Jewels Michelle is set up and robbed but turns the table on her assailant, committing her first murder but later finds out it was Tone s young cousin Telling Tone is the least of the problems that are beginning to plague the PJ crew murder, lines of friendship are crossed, love is lost while betrayal and revenge become the height of the disloyalty Witness the rise of the youngest and most profitable female crew in Tompkins, Precious Jewels and watch to see if they can survive the game with their friendships, relationships and love or will the Precious Jewels become worthless and lose its Color Cut Clarity

10 thoughts on “Color. Cut. Clarity

  1. Pilar Pilar says:

    This story was about three young girls Michelle, Bridget and Darlene, who grow up in the hood, and call themselves, the Precious Jewels crew Michelle, the main protagonist, through a series of events, becomes the leader of the crew and the youngest Queen pin Color Cut Clarity is about love, lies, secrets, betrayal, murder and treachery at best, and how it p

  2. Stephanie Wiley Stephanie Wiley says:

    Absolutely Wonderful I just found out that there will be a sequel next month and I cannot wait I read this book at the appointed time The storyline will be fresh in my mind when Book Two drop in August I am super excited I would definitely recommend this book to others because it is definitely a 5 star read

  3. Angel Hicks Angel Hicks says:

    Cool Not quite often you read a book were a young girl start selling dope and coming up It had its moment were Michelle would be talking and I m like she 14 talking like she about 26 I loved how her word was her bond and she stayed down for tone.Butter was a snake unloyal and not trustworthy he had two friends under his spell They were so blinded they didn t see his

  4. Djuana Lacey Djuana Lacey says:

    Treachery at its FinestYes, this book is the real deal Just when you think your friends are as loyal as you are, you find out that they have some secrets of their own Michelle had a rough upbringing but she had her two best friends forever Or so she thought This book makes you question the loyalty of those closest to you The plot twists were surprising but definitely adde

  5. Arielle Walker Arielle Walker says:

    This book is easily one of my favorites I really liked that the girls were the ones handling the business and weren t taking orders from the men Another thing that was refreshing for me personally was that the editing was pretty good I cannot count how many urban books that I ve read where the editing and grammar was terrible The storyline was great and kept me on the edge of

  6. Dee Cherry Dee Cherry says:

    Gem of a storyExciting urban read as these young girls took over I was impressed with their lucrative plan their crew names Well written characters content I thought Michelle was a true leader Bridget had faults but was trustworthy while Darlene was a surprise Butter was ridiculous while Tone s influence was known throughout As I have read several books by June Miller, this was ano

  7. Keisha Scott Keisha Scott says:

    First Time Reader of this AuthorI actually enjoyed this book, mainly because it was well written, which is why I gave it 4 stars But it was pretty predictable, and felt like I ve read the story before The author obviously ensures proper editing of his books, and for that reason, I will read his other works.

  8. Gwennie Daley Gwennie Daley says:

    Loved it As I always say, June Miller has done it again This book is filled with so much drama it kept me in tuned in from page 1 The drug game is so crooked and fast money is not always good Loved the character build up and the plot was juicy June always has a way of making each character come alive in your head Keep the good books coming June


    Absolute GeniusJune Miller has shown so much skill when he wrote CCC that he left me with my heart beating out my chest Omg the lie, love, and deceit was all over the damn pages The way Shelly HELD TONE down was freaking awesome but come on June you left your girl on red.Until part 2 Awesome job Owl500

  10. Keyana Fedison Keyana Fedison says:

    You done it againThis was a very good book I was truly shocked to see that Michelle s homies was so shady,but this life I can t wait to read part two Hopefully it s coming out soon Keep up the good work teamOWL Highestleaveofstorytelling

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