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[ Reading ] ➶ Crosstalk Author Connie Willis – Submitalink.info Science Fiction Icon Connie Willis Brilliantly Mixes A Speculative Plot, The Wit Of Nora Ephron, And The Comedic Flair Of P G Wodehouse In Crosstalk A Genre Bending Novel That Pushes Social Media, Smartphone Technology, And Twenty Four Hour Availability To Hilarious And Chilling Extremes As One Young Woman Abruptly Finds Herself With Way Connectivity Than She Ever Desired.In The Not Too Distant Future, A Simple Outpatient Procedure To Increase Empathy Between Romantic Partners Has Become All The Rage And Briddey Flannigan Is Delighted When Her Boyfriend, Trent, Suggests Undergoing The Operation Prior To A Marriage Proposal To Enjoy Better Emotional Connection And A Perfect Relationship With Complete Communication And Understanding But Things Don T Quite Work Out As Planned, And Briddey Finds Herself Connected To Someone Else Entirely In A Way Far Beyond What She Signed Up For.It Is Almost Than She Can Handle Especially When The Stress Of Managing Her All Too Eager To Communicate At All Times Family Is Already Burdening Her Brain But That S Only The Beginning As Things Go From Bad To Worse, She Begins To See The Dark Side Of Too Much Information, And To Realize That Love And Communication Are Far Complicated Than She Ever Imagined.

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  1. Philip Philip says:

    2ish stars.This is ridiculous Well obviously because it s farce, but if you ask me, it s of an irritating, eye roll ridiculous than a humorous one In this book, Willis has the subtlety of a hand grenade and the nuance of a stick figure It s a fast paced romantic sci fi comedy about telepathic gingers except it s hard to tell when the comedy is intended and the romance is creepy view spoiler C.B emotionally manipulates

  2. Bradley Bradley says:

    You know, I was worried that my being a total fanboy of Connie Willis would have unduly influenced any kind of review I might make for any new novel, but I never should have worried At all This is a Great SF Romantic Comedy, with all the best features of To Say Nothing of the Dog, at least with the comedy of errors, the speed and flurry, and the comedy, even if we re not in the realm of time travel any This one is all about comm

  3. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    Review first posted on Fantasy Literature In Crosstalk, Connie Willis new near future science fiction novel, Briddey works for Commspan, a smartphone company that is anxious to compete with Apple For the last six weeks Briddey has been in a whirlwind romance with Trent, a hot young executive at Commspan, who swept Briddey off her feet with his suave charm and his Porsche Now Trent has invited Briddey, as a prelude to getting

  4. Chocolategoddess Chocolategoddess says:

    The blurb of this book was a bit wishy washy, but it s Connie Willis, so I expected some kind of interesting comment on current communication and the ridiculousness of the EED Instead I got a story exploring the pros and cons of telepathy, something I figured out myself as a small child, with added creepy romance I m pretty disappointed.The book opens with a lot of promise Briddey how does one pronounce that is some kind of executive M

  5. abby abby says:

    Briddey Flannigan knows she s lucky to have a boyfriend like Trent Worth He sends her flowers, takes her to the hottest restaurants, and texts her first thing every morning Far from being allergic to commitment, Trent has already said the big ILY, and now he s proposing they have an EED to become even closer It all has the rumor mill at their workplace churning with barely concealed envy Who wouldn t want their boyfriend or girlfri

  6. Dana Kenedy (Dana and the Books) Dana Kenedy (Dana and the Books) says:

    This review can also be found on my blog, Dana and the Books.I need to be upfront Connie Willis is my all time favourite author and I love her Her books are perfect.I waited an agonizing six SIX whole years to get my hands on this book and it was worth it I would wait another six years to get this sort of amazingness again well, I m incredibly impatient person so while I would wait, I wouldn t do it quietly.Crosstalk was one of her lighter a

  7. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    Reading this book is like experiencing a prolonged anxiety attack But wait That s not a bad thing It s like having a funny, clever and romantic anxiety attack Connie Willis books tend to either feature a comedy of manners set against a dark and dire background or a comedy of manners in a somewhat less catastrophic situation This is one in the less dire and light hearted category But Willis humor always has her own distinct flavor it s unmistak

  8. Brendon Schrodinger Brendon Schrodinger says:

    Remember when Apple launched their watch the year before last and there was that creepy app where you could transmit your heartbeat to another wearer or just even tap out morse code for I am following you with a knife Well, it freaked Connie out a little too And her wonderful mind took this on and pushed this creepy technology to its limit Trent and Briddey have had a whirlwind office romance over the last month, and Trent has popped the question

  9. Lata Lata says:

    I have a bunch of jumbled thoughts about this book, and mulling didn t help, so I ll just list the jumble bits and be done with it I found Briddey s family simply hideous No concept of privacy, no respect for boundaries, constantly talking over one another and refusing to listen to one another Hideous Liked Maeve, though I thought she was waaaaaaaaay too precocious and super brilliant for a nine year old I often wanted to smack Briddey she was a tota

  10. Stevie Kincade Stevie Kincade says:

    Audiobook I couldn t finish this one I gave it over 6 hours 35% to convince me it was worth continuing Narrator Mia Barron was quite good so this is one of the few I abandoned purely because of how much I hated the characters and story.This was a comedic farce without the comedy It was an Abbott Costello Who s on first routine, with smartphones and no punchline s Briddie was supposedly an exec for a smartphone company but she was spectacularly stupid Sh

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