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Dead March in Three Keys eBook Þ Dead March  Epub / Originally published under the nom de plume Peter Curtis and under the titles Dead March in Three Keys London Davis,and No Question of Murder New York Doubleday, It began when he met AntoniaRichard Curwen fell in love wildly, passionately and the lovely Antonia returned his loveBut Richard and Antonia were penniless And too spoiled and selfish to live as ordinary mortals They wanted the best The very best And so Richard married Eloise, Antonia s frail but wealthy cousin The resemblance between Eloise and Antonia was astonishing In fact, most people couldn t tell them apartWhich was exactly what Richard was counting on

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  1. ~☆~Autumn♥♥ ~☆~Autumn♥♥ says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Muchexciting than I had remembered I sure didn t recall that Eloise was a drug addict Its a quick read if you can manage to find a copy at a second hand book store Mine is falling apart but still worth it They should reprint it.

  2. Mary Mary says:

    Richard Curwen met and fell madly in love with Antonia, and she with him However, they both were penniless and too selfish to live like ordinary mortals So, Richard married Antonia s frail, wealthy cousin Eloise who looked so much like Antonia that people couldn t tell them apart Which was what Richard counted on I liked this book by one of my favorite a

  3. Kate Kate says:

    For my full review click on the link below For my full review click on the link below

  4. Bonnie Seiwell Bonnie Seiwell says:

    This was not a bad book, but it said on it that it was a Gothic and I would not have called this a Gothic by any stretch of the word There is no atmosphere or mystery It is just the story of a man who s lover convincing him to marry her cousin for money, and then events leading up to him deciding to scare her to death and have the cousin take her place because the

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