Deadpool Classic Omnibus, Vol. 1 Kindle à Deadpool

Deadpool Classic Omnibus, Vol. 1  Kindle à Deadpool A funny mini series following the mysterious Alex Hayden or Agent X Equipped with powers similar to Deadpool he causes havoc among his enmies and problems for his friends Fun, good art and fun A Deadpool spin off. This 15 issue miniseries is definitely the best run of Deadpool yet Simone does a terrific job of twisting plots, providing great characters, and absolute hilarity She s my definitive Deadpool writer right now. It s a heaping helping of the Merc with a Mouth, chock full of the craziness that helped form a cult following Deadpool crosses Loki, joins the Frightful Four, rubs shoulders with Black Panther, and goes into space but who ll throttle him first his new roommates, his crazy ex Copycat, or his new sidekick Pool Boy Deadpool takes on the mob, battles the Punisher, rejoins Weapon X, faces his nemesis T Rayand dies twice And as if four pretenders ushering in a Reign of the Deadpools isn t enough, who the heck is Agent X and what s his title stealing deal Is he Deadpool or ain t he Taskmaster and Outlaw join the funand so should you Guest starring Thor, Siryn and Fight Man COLLECTING DEADPOOL 1997 34 69, BLACK PANTHER 1998 23, AGENT X 1 15, FIGHT MAN 1 MATERIAL FROM X MEN UNLIMITED 1993 28

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