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[Ebook] ➮ Devil on Your Back (Butcher Boys, #2)  ➭ Max  Henry – Submitalink.info When All You Have Left Is Choice, How Do You Ensure You Make The Right One I Thought That Losing My Family Was The Linchpin To My Suffering The Thing Which Would Forever Hold My Head Under The Dark Waters Of Regret But I Was Wrong So Wrong What Doesn T Kill Us Makes Us Stronger, And What Threatens Us Only Serves To Feed The Beast My Boy Is In Trouble, And It S Time This Father Stood Up For What He Should Have A Long Time Ago Only, After Years Of Believing I Deserved To Spend My Days Alone, Punishing Myself For The Mistakes I Made, I Ve Finally Found The Truth Her When She Needs Me As Much As My Son, How Will I Decide Which Path To Take Will I Be Doomed To Forever Make The Wrong Choice And Will I, Once Again, Lose Everything I Love And Drown In My Regret

10 thoughts on “Devil on Your Back (Butcher Boys, #2)

  1. Melinda ~ Twinsie Talk Melinda ~ Twinsie Talk says:

    I received a copy of the book for an honest review Max Henry was able to consume me from the time I opened this book until I closed it This is about Vince, Malice dad, I was so ready to hear his side of things and why he let things happen Sonya and Vince were perfect for each other both had pasts th

  2. Busy Bumble Bee Book Reviews Busy Bumble Bee Book Reviews says:

    So I know I know my review is like a week late and I truely apologize for that When I had finished Devil You Know, I didn t realize that Devil On Your Back was going to be about Alice s, aka Malice s dad I thought it was going to be about one of the other boys But I was really happy when I did realize that it

  3. Robin B Robin B says:

    I m going to be nice and not leave a star rating Though typically I d leave only a 1 star for a DNF That s right This was a DNF for me I may go back and try again at some point IDK if I was in a funk or what, but this was coming across as so dull and boring to me, particularly following the Devil You May Know I ended u

  4. Challea Ramirez Challea Ramirez says:

    Ahhhh This series gets better as the series goes on who s next on the list

  5. Gucci 35 Gucci 35 says:

    5 starsAbsolutely loved Devil on Your Back This is Vince aka Malice s father s story Sonya is his leading lady she mother hen of the Fallen Aces MC Devil on Your Back is about forgiving, is about moving on after a gre...

  6. Marci ** 3 star default ** Marci ** 3 star default ** says:

    Gah, I just didn t like Vince I also am not sure where the attraction was And, have a bit of a doormat for you with the h MC style I will say, the author does a good job at painting the characters, tel...

  7. Sheri Sheri says:

    Devil on Your Back is Vince s story We were introduced to Vince in Devil You Know, he is the father of Malice, a member of The Butcher Boys We learn from book one in this series that Malice had a rough childhood filled with heartache and abandonment from his father However in this book, we learn the tragic events that lead a father to a bottle and his son on

  8. Katiria Katiria says:

    I received Devil on Your Back by the author in exchanged for an honest review Thank you so much Max Henry for giving me the opportunity to read and review Devil on Your Back Holy Moly And Crap On A Cracker I am really loving and enjoying The Butcher Boys series in fact I dare say this series is really becoming one of my favorites series of this year and that s no joke

  9. Kim Kim says:

    I actually liked this one better than the first one and it really had potential to be a perfect read, with the action and plot but there were some things that just didn t work for me I really didn t like Vince much in the beginning and while I saw his loss, I didn t feel it but I did feel he was a sorry ass for his actions regarding his son I did feel for him as the story prog

  10. Jennifer Schultheis Jennifer Schultheis says:

    I received this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review Devil on Your Back is an exciting read that will capture your attention in the very beginning, and not let go until the very end.and that s only because you don t want to be the weird girl who is caught staring at the very last page of the book, afraid to say goodbye to the characters Of course, once your brain kicks back on

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