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PDF / Epub ✅ Elizabeth Gail and the Mystery at the Johnson Farm  Author Hilda Stahl – Submitalink.info Ebook Elizabeth Gail And The Mystery At The Johnson Farm Author Hilda Stahl New Books.run Elizabeth Gail Dobbs Is A Welfare Kid She S The Stereotypical Foster Child, Determined Never To Love Anybody Again But Her Resolve Weakens As The Johnson Family Responds To Libby S Anger With Genuine Christian Love Ultimately, Libby Is Adopted Into The Family Of God But Clouds Of Mystery Sweep Over The Johnson Farm As Old Secrets And New Relationships Mix A Great Story With A Great Message For Preteen Girls.

10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Gail and the Mystery at the Johnson Farm

  1. Kristine Hansen Kristine Hansen says:

    This is the book series that brought me to Christ I found them when I was about 12 and read every last one of them I found myself wanting the kind of family that Elizabeth Gail finds herself in, when as a foster child she gets put into a Christian home I remember praying for the very first time be

  2. Reedettes Reedettes says:

    These books really changed my life I bought my first book when I was in the fourth grade and it opened my life to the life of foster children and social workers I graduated in college with a BSW and have dedicated my life to the plight of foster children I adopted my own children I fostered in 2004 Hilda S

  3. Tami Kirkpatrick Tami Kirkpatrick says:

    These books changed my life as a young girl I have served on an adoption agency for over 7 years I link it all back to these precious stories Love love them all Perfect for young and old Even boys will enjoy them.

  4. Jeni Jeni says:

    PopSugar 15 33 a book from your childhood.It was fun to re read something from my childhood, but I wouldn t necessarily encourage my kids to read these books.

  5. Jenna Jenna says:

    one of the worst young girl books I ve ever read Libby is just about the most predictable, unrealistic child character ever.

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    I love this series and think this is the best one

  7. Annaliesa Annaliesa says:

    It is very good to help lift your spirits

  8. Karine Karine says:

    I ve read the whole series..

  9. Mie Reads Mie Reads says:

    2,5 from me.I read and reread and loved this series as a kid it must be almost 25 years since I ve picked one up, and I was looking forward to some nice feelgood nostalgia Some of the books I read in my childhood are just as wonderful, and perhaps even better, when I visit them again in adulthood But this was not one of those The writing is below mediocre, the charact

  10. Allyssa Allyssa says:

    This series was my childhood

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