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[Ebook] Eyes of a Watcher By Dok Woods – Submitalink.info The Sheriff In The Small Central Oregon Town Of Prine Gets Crosswise With The Local County Judge The Sheriff Judiciously Decides To Get Out Of Town For A While, At Least Until Tempers Cool Down The Well Publicized Chicago World S Fair Is Underway He Decides To Take A Trip To Chicago To Experience The World Changing Expositions And Technologies The Doctor And Nurse That Cared For Him While He Recuperated From A Severe Gunshot Wound Agree To Go Along On The JourneyThey Save A Young Boy When The Tig Jonson Gang Kills His Father, The Train Engineer The New Fangled Telegraph Technology Of The Day Makes It Possible For The Malevolent Judge To Hire And Direct Killers Across The Continent And Those Hired Killers Can Report Back Sightings Of The Fugitives On Their Trip, The Foursome Must Escape Assassination Attempt After Assassination Attempt Directed And Paid For By The JudgeIt Is A New And Dangerous Time For People Trying To Do The Right Thing, The Last Days Of The Train And Bank Robbing Gangs On Horseback, Criminals That Decide To Flaunt The LawSome Criminals Have To Be Taken Down In Special Ways, By People With Very Special Skills Even At The Turn Of The Th Century

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