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[PDF / Epub] ☄ Falling for You Again  ✓ Catherine  Palmer – Submitalink.info Charlie And Esther Moore Have Been Married Nearly Fifty Years When The Contented Life They Ve Built Together Begins To Crumble Esther Has Been Forgetful Recently, But It S Rarely A Problem Until The Day She Puts Her Car In Drive Instead Of Reverse, Flying Off The End Of The Carport And Into The Backyard Esther S Accident And Declining Health Shatter Their Reverie, And The Couple Must Come To Terms With All The Paths Their Lives Have Not Taken If They Ever Hope To Pull Their Marriage Out Of Winter As Always, The Quirky Characters Of Deepwater Cove Will Pop In And Out Of The Story And Delight Readers This Is The Third Book In A New Fiction Series From Best Selling Authors Gary Chapman And Catherine Palmer, Based On The Marriage Principles Found In Gary Chapman S Nonfiction Book The Four Seasons Of Marriage Each Book Includes A Study Guide That Talks About The Four Seasons Of Marriage And The Healing Strategies Depicted In That Particular Storyline.

10 thoughts on “Falling for You Again

  1. Mark Mark says:

    Another excellent book in this series Gary Chapman Catherine Palmer do an excellent job of giving you an excellent story with helpful hints on things to do in your marriage as well There are some sad spots in this story, but they are there as a teaching moment If you are going to read this book I

  2. Sandie Sandie says:

    This being book 3 of the series, I m pretty attached to the characters and how they have progressed through their relationships Without spilling any details, let me just say, I was crying I don t know if I ve ever cried at a book before

  3. Chris Chris says:

    THIS SUMMARY REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLYAlittlepreacy that the other two A high 3This book specifically tells of the Autumn season Charlie and Esther are experiencing They ar

  4. Lori Lori says:

    Gary Portnoy said in the Cheer s song lyrics, You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same, You wanna be where everybody knows Your name In the small town of Tranquility everyone knows everyone s business, but that is not always a bad thing Here you will find characters that are experiencing real ever...

  5. Elaine Elaine says:

    I previously read this in book format This one is audio It s easy to become friends with these characters from the very first book and feel a part of their lives and neighborhood You feel the love here and the sense of belonging The characters are real and face real life issues Can you almost feel their joys and pains, their happiness a

  6. C. C. says:

    This is the third book in the Four Seasons series Charlie and Esther Moore are the focus of this segment They have been married for almost 50 years and have had their ups and downs like all marriages do The authors take us inside their lives and share some of the ways they got through difficult times and how they have been able to keep their love

  7. Jerry Jerry says:

    Usually, when it comes to reviewing a book near the middle or end of a series, I say something to the effect of, If you enjoyed the previous entries, you ll like thisbut, if you didn t, then avoid this That somewhat applies to Falling for You Again, the penultimate entry in Gary Chapman and Catherine Palmer s Four Seasons literary tetralogy however, this i

  8. Nancy Nancy says:

    Esther and Charlie have been married for nearly fifty years Big changes occur when Esther drives the car off the back of the carport and into the backyard, when she begins to forget things and accuse others of doing things behind her back, when the doctor says her arteries are clogged and need to be cleaned out Charlie discovers things about Esther he never expected

  9. Jodi Jodi says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I think that I have tried to read this book several times The main character Charlie and his wife Esther had been married 50 years They did not have a perfect life but everyone in the community looked up to them and made them feel like family Esther was involved in the community and helped in anyw

  10. Misty Misty says:

    I have really enjoyed this series This third installment was good but I do believe the preachyness is escalating I dont mind at all a book that talks about God, and Christian values but sometimes it comes off a little...

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