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[PDF] ✅ Falling together Author Marisa de los Santos – Submitalink.info Maybe 3.5 stars Going in, I didn t know or had forgotten the synopsis, so going off of the title, I thought it would be contemporary romance, but it was really a lot than that Parts were like mystery, and overall it was really about the people who are important in your life, and keeping them in your life, whether they are physical I m not entirely sure why I decided I wanted to read this book I was fairly lukewarm on Love Walked In, which I felt to be a cutesy story with no real depth and mediocre prose that was trying too hard I just really wanted a quick, easy read and this is what I ended up with Pen, Cat, and Will meet their first week of college Pen walks in as Cat is having a seizure in the bathroom, and Will happens to be in the hallway as Pen begins to panic Once Cat recovers, the three are bonded for life.or the next six years when their friendship dissolves, leaving Pen lonely and struggling with a life she didn t expect for herself A few weeks before their ten year reunion, both Pen and Will receive a cryptic email from Cat begging them to come to the reunion because she needs them They are initially angry when Cat doesn t show up at the reunion Instead, it turns out that Cat s husband, Jason, wrote them the email because Cat has gone MIA and he wants their help finding her Despite the fact that neither has spoken to cat in six years, and despite the fact that Pen and Will viciously hate Jason Honesty time I gave up reading about halfway through I got frustrated t From Their First Day Of College Orientation, Pen, Cat And Will Seemed Born To Be Close Friends Eventually Though, Cat S Decision To Marry An Unpleasant Mate Had Loosened Their Magical Bond And Without Its Center, The Group Had Drifted Away From Each Other Now, Six Years Later, When Cat Emails Her Former Cronies, Asking Them To Join Her At Their College Reunion, They Cannot Resist Whatever Nostalgic Dreams The Pair Nurtured, However, Dissolve When They Are Forced To Confront A Dangerous Situation In Which Everything They Believed About Themselves And Each Other Is Brought Into Question With Its Vividly Drawn Characters Plausible Plot Developments, Another Triumph For The Author Of Belong To Me. Falling Together is a love story of friendship It is about three friends who are so close to each other that even when they are not together, they are together Marisa de los Santos writes with a poets soul, bringing the reader into the lives of the characters with her beautiful descriptions of their lives and the world they live in I give this book five stars, up there with my favorite books of Original post at One More PageI ve always dubbed March as a special month because of my birthday, and I take advantage of that by meeting up with as many people that I can, especially those that I haven t seen in a while It s always the best excuse IMHO It s my birthday, let s meet up Of course, I often ended up treating the people to coffee, dessert or sometimes even dinner because of that fact, but I never really minded that In the past month alone, I ve been out almost every weekend and two to three times on week nights to meet up with my barkada my closest friends , college roommates, thesis mates, book club friends, church community friends old friends, new friends, people from almost all stages of my life, I took the time to meet them this month Sometimes I end up traveling farther than I want to, staying out and losing sleep and being so exhausted that I don t have time to read or blog , but I think all of those times were worth it.This is one of the reasons why I chose Falling Togetherby Marisa de los Santos as my birthday read Pen, Cat and Will met in college, and have been the best of friends ever since Their friendship was so strong that even their romant Oh It truly pains me to give this book a one I hemmed and hawed over if it really deserved a one I mean, it s like educated chick lit Can t be that bad There were some entertaining parts near the beginning I suppose And it s not as if she is some no talent hack I mean, she has an MFA and a PhD for God s sake And she is a very unique writer I ve read all of her books and I will say, I could pick a paragraph she writes out of a line up I don t know if that s always a good thing seeing as I don t always like it , but there are few other authors who have such a distinctive turn of phrase.I think she has two main problems and this goes for other books of hers, not just this one One, her language can be beautiful but is usually just overwrought Every book of hers I find a few phrases or lines where I think, Wow She really hit the nail on the head explaining that super specific emotion Of course to have her trying to make life changing, poetic moments out of every move and breath her characters make can get VERY ANNOYING For example, Will smiled at Pen and Pen wished she could put the smile in her pocket for the rest of life Para phrasing here because the book is back at the library.but, that was almost word for word one of th Having really enjoyed Belong To Me and Love Walked In, I was a little disappointed in this book It was enjoyable enough and an easy read, and I liked the emerging relationship with Jason I always appreciate it when a bad character is ultimately shown to have some good qualities tucked away somewhere I noticed that I was often getting lost in long, convoluted sentences For example Maybe it was the food or the muted light or the ceiling fan s slow, hypnotic paddling of the air or maybe it was simply that every journey and Pen had come to see herself as a person distinctly on a journey in rare, solitary, un ironic moments, seeker did not seem too strong a word, although what she was seeking, apart from Cat and she was sure there was something else she couldn t say has its land of lotus eaters, its d This was her best novel yet and I ve thoroughly enjoyed them all I think she could write on any topic and I would still enjoy reading her due to the absolutely delicious use of language witty, lush, eloquent, poetic In t For a diplomatic review, please see the post at Hyphen Falling Together has the elements to make a good novel a talented writer who excels at parsing grief and unhappiness, a lesson about the value of living in the moment and appreciating what we have, and an important warning unhappiness lurks everywhere and we shouldn t let it get the best of us But it ended up being too sincere and cheesy There was a predictable happy fairytale ending where all the lose ends are tied up but the author unnecessarily attempts to stir up drama in the final ten pages before restoring everything back to the way it was Three inseparable college friends separate post college, they promise to never get involved in each others lives, and six years later they re all unhappy The main character, Pen, is a single mother chasing after a married man, stuck in a dead end job, and fixated on the absence of her dead father Will has anger management issues because of his emotionally abusive father and his mother is on the wagon maybe and is dating a man old enough to be her son Cat has run away from an unsatisfying marriage with her dopey husband, Jason, but doesn t tell anyone where she s going which leads Pen, Will, Jason, and Pen s five year old daughter to pack their bags for exotic locales to find her Sounds convoluted doesn t it I had trouble understanding why this motley crew would go chasing after someone who doesn t want to be fo I would like to dedicate this review to goodreads, the existence of which motivates me to finish unredeemable books so as to rip them mercilessly I picked this book up because I, unlike many others, was able to check my inner snob at the door and actually enjoy her previous books Now don t get me wrong, they were shallow, silly and adolescent, but, like having ice cream for dinner, the experience was pleasant going down, even if it was sickly sweet and notsomething you d want to brag about So all I was asking for was of the same, some light, trite mediocrity SHE DIDN T EVEN DELIVER THAT.Perhaps it s the childish contrarian in me, but when an author creates overblown characters I am meant to love, I will hate them The ridiculous characters that the heroines hate I will root for them Worse yet, DLS draws her heroes and villains with criteria such as who whom has better grammar I am not making this up She is such a language snob that even vocabulary is meant to distinguish good and evil.Then there is the ridiculous premise Three college friends break up because one is getting married and, well, if things will change their dynamic then what s the point Real mature So they

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