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Free ↠ Flying Blind By Frank E. Peretti – Fourteen Year Old Jay Cooper Is Enjoying The View From His Uncle Rex S Cessna When A Low Flying Speeds Past Them Caught In Its Wind Turbulence, Their Small Plane Is Shaken Violently, Knocking Rex Unconscious And Leaving Jay Blind From A Head InjuryWith Fuel Running Out Fast, Jay Drifting In And Out Of Consciousness, And The Plane Heading Straight For A Mountain Range, This High Flying Adventure Shows The Importance Of Faith As Jay Faces Numerous Unseen Dangers

10 thoughts on “Flying Blind

  1. Suzy Seerden Suzy Seerden says:

    I did not really enjoy this book that much that s why it got 3 stars.I got bored, but I have to say I m surprised I finished it.

  2. Jerry Jerry says:

    An exciting thrill ride.

  3. April Nichole April Nichole says:

    This is a book meant for younger readers but I got so caught up in the emotion of the action that it had me crying at times While I was reading this I thought of book 4 in the series, Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea, where Lila is the one that is in danger this time its Jay that is in danger.This all happened in the air so when they sta

  4. Arwen Arwen says:

    Awesome adventure story, and fitting end to the Cooper Kids seriesWith in the first couple of pages this book grabs you and pulls you in The action starts right away, and the risks are high Jake Cooper goes flying with family friend, and their small Cessna gets caught in the turbulence of a large jet With the pilot knocked conscious and J

  5. Morgan Morgan says:

    Man, that was intense

  6. Stagner Stagner says:

    It was GREAT I learned not to depend on myself

  7. Katelyn Kuipers Katelyn Kuipers says:

    Jay and his uncle are out flying a small plane, enjoying the sights around Mt Rainier when I nearby commercial jet loses an engine The turbulence created by the larger plane throws their small aircraft around knocking the uncle unconscious and leaving Jay temporarily blinded Jay is left to man the plane himself, and with the help of his fath

  8. Lynn Caygle Lynn Caygle says:

    Jay Cooper goes flying with his uncle Due to a near miss in chapter one , he ends up having to fly the plane blindliterally Great book for those older readers who have difficulty reading It definitely holds your interest Now I remember why Frank E Peretti is one of my favorite authors.

  9. Tyler Beil Tyler Beil says:

    My kids thought it was just an ok book

  10. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    so suspenseful love it

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