10 thoughts on “For My Legionaries

  1. No No says:

    If this doesn t move you, nothing can.Notes Quotes Corneliu Zelea Codreanu AKA The Captain fill your hearts with fire and stand firm in the difficult and righteous struggle in which you are engaged and out of which we all have the command to emerge either victorious or dea

  2. Wickstrom Wickstrom says:

    A case study in the psychology of tragic heroism.

  3. Halvor (Raknes) Halvor (Raknes) says:

    A moving account of heroism, and of profound love for one s fatherland, one s people and national culture.The accounts, included documented statistics, of the parasitic invasion by Zionist Jews, the abject betrayal of the people by the entire political class and the unconsciou

  4. Johan Dingler Johan Dingler says:

    Una oda al honor

  5. Greg Paulson Greg Paulson says:

    A truly inspirational work I highly recommend this book I have no doubt Codreanu will be among the Wildes Heer The Furious Horde of the dead warriors of Odin Wotan which will return at the end of time as the last battalion , to fight the decisive battle for the return of the Gods

  6. Vali Creţu Vali Creţu says:

    An extraordinary book from so many perspectives an autobiography, a testament, a historical document, a moral conduct manual, a warning against internal and external dangers If you don t understand and feel the large river of painful truth flowing from this great writing, you re eit

  7. Iuli Iuli says:

    Romanian nazi copycats using the cross instead of the swastika Codreanu, an immensely charismatic extreme right winger who became for many people the providential man who could fix society s problems with the application of his righteous wrath Still one star for the historical value o

  8. Shlomo Goldstein Shlomo Goldstein says:

    An inspiring book that provides a good example of a strong leader who lives in a country infected with foreigners.

  9. Lucy Lucy says:

    I read this book not because I m a fascist, but because I had just read about Corneliu Codreanu and I wanted to see all of the weird religious mysticism stuff he was into If you re looking for that, you will be disappointed because it s basically just his autobiography and some rules for

  10. Ietrio Ietrio says:

    Romania s answer to Mein Kampf In a way, farentertaining because of the religiosity of the second rate Mussolini.

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