10 thoughts on “Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade

  1. Sweetwilliam Sweetwilliam says:

    This is a very readable memoir of John Casler He was a foot soldier, a pioneer engineer , a part time deserter and he longed to be in the cavalry He finally got his wish to join the cavalry and was soon captured and ended the Civil War in a POW camp I ve heard it said that Nostalgia is a dirty liar that insists things were better than they seemed If that is true, Casler doesn t seem overly nostalgic His time in the Ston

  2. Jeff Dawson Jeff Dawson says:

    This is the dairy and recollections of a one John Overton Casler It is a great story of the time he spent in the Confederate uniform The pride he had for serving under Jackson is emblematic Jackson was a true leader and showed great compassion and concern for the welfare of his men before, during and after a battle Even after his death, the pride of the unit never diminished There is no holding back on the ferocity of the battl

  3. Monte Lamb Monte Lamb says:

    This is a most enjoyable book which outlines the author s experiences during the Civil War The beauty of the book is how it gives the reader the story of what the soldiers did between fighting It speaks about hunting for food, going home, and other daily events It is very readable and gives a true representation of the life of a Confederate soldier in Lee s army.

  4. Russell G Edwards Russell G Edwards says:

    Excellent account by one who was thereJohn Casler describes his experiences as an active member of the brigade Casler lived through many terrible battles and his love and respect for Stonewall are reflected in this account.

  5. Kenneth F Emsweller Kenneth F Emsweller says:

    Confederate Private AutobiographyThis book was written by a private in the Stonewall Brigade shortly after the war about his experiences during the war It is rather lengthy but we ll written It gives you a very good idea of what it was like to serve during the civil war.

  6. Ira Livingston Ira Livingston says:

    Phenomenal book taken from his diaries that he kept while an infantryman in Stonewall s brigade Unlike the commander s memories, this gives you apersonal account and daily activities of the Civil War soldier.What really was amazing was his description of one of the Winters and the snowball fight that several regiments took part in, quite a surprise when you think of the heavy casualties that they all went through in the war.He even goes into smaller raids, pr

  7. Bob Willis Bob Willis says:

    Four Years in the Stonewall BrigadeGood narrative of one soldier s experience during the U S Civil War Gives an in depth look into the life of an Infantryman s life.Recommended reading for anyone interested in the civil war and the South at that time

  8. Rev Rev says:

    Interesting book Very pleasant to read Well written

  9. Jeremiah Meehan Jeremiah Meehan says:

    Life of a confederate soldierIf you are interested in the day to day life of a confederate soldier then you will enjoy this book.

  10. Charly Charly says:

    action packed.

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