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[Read] ➵ Sterling Biographies: Frederick Douglass: Rising Up from Slavery (Sterling Biographies) By Frances E. Ruffin – Submitalink.info UNABRIDGEDNarrated by Cornelius JonesPUBLISHER Audible, Inc.Summary From slave to freedom fighter that was the long and hard journey taken by Frederick Douglass Douglass was America s first great civil rights leader, and he threw off the physical, mental, and legal chains of slavery to become one of America s greatest champions for human rights It was said that his life was proof that once black people could read and write about their injustices, they would have the power to end slavery.Frances E Ruffin explores this inspiring figure in all his complexity, and captures the hardships, prejudice, and violence Douglass endured as he fought for justice 2008 Sterling P 2009 Audible, Inc At about 3.5 hours, this is not a long biography It could be easily stopped if you are sharing with a child If you want to listen in one go, easy Not only did I learn muc Short, informative biography of Frederick Douglass, the first American civil rights leader Born into slavery, he was determined to educate himself and live as a free man He escaped from slavery, and rose to national and international prominence as a powerful orator for the a From Slave To Freedom Fighter That Was The Long And Hard Journey Taken By Frederick Douglass Douglass Was America S First Great Civil Rights Leader, And He Threw Off The Physical, Mental, And Legal Chains Of Slavery To Become One Of America S Greatest Champions For Human Rights It Was Said That His Life Was Proof That Once Black People Could Read And Write About Their Injustices, They Would Have The Power To End Slavery Frances E Ruffin Explores This Inspiring Figure In All His Complexity, And Captures The Hardships, Prejudice, And Violence Douglass Endured As He Fought For Justice Numerous Fascinating Illustrations, Photos, And Engravings Show Douglass S Family, Abolition Meetings, Civil War Battles, Freed Blacks Getting Their First Vote, And. I though that this book described what people were going through during slavery and how people were affected by it Fredrick Douglass was just one example of how blacks were treated and I think that it is also very assuring to see an example of one that was successful at the end Also, I think that people who ever doubted him were probably pissed because he was so successful Also, Listened to this book in one sitting driving as an audiobook from audible.com I found it very fascinating I learned about the mistreatment of slaves, abolitionist mov t and the wide circles that Douglass ran in and impacted I m a history buff and think this is a solid read listen. I loved this book It was SO informative and interesting The pictures were really well chosen, and they definitely enhanced my understanding of and appreciation for FD s life He was truly an amazing person He set a great example for everyone around him a easy read biography of a great American that was one of the most influential civil rights champions of our Country. Very informative and educational a good read An interesting look at the life of one of America s most ardent abolitionists Born a slave in 1818, he suffered under the cruelty of several owners and masters others were tolerant and kind He had a compelling desire to attain his freedom which he did in his twenties , then to fight for freedom for all blacks He became a proflic writer and founded his own newspaper the North Star which advocated the abolition of slavery and also for women s sufferage He was a very capable orator, and was in great demand not only in the United States, but also in Great Britain Though he did not agree with all of President Lin This book is very informative But as a young African American child it makes me sad to read stuff like this To know that people like Fredrick were considered property and were shipped off from place to place like a couch To know that Fredrick lived this way until he was twenty five sort of stabbed a whole in my heart It truely made me feel for Fredrick But it also made me happy to know that after all he had been through he had the courage to fi

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