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[ PDF / Epub ] ✅ From a Buick 8 Author Stephen King – Submitalink.info From a Buick 8 a Novel, Stephen KingFrom a Buick 8 is a horror novel by American writer Stephen King From a Buick 8 is a novel about our fascination with deadly things, about our insistence on answers when there a For Twenty Years The Officers In The Pennsylvania State Police Barracks Have Kept A Secret In Shed B A Vintage Buick Which Lures The Troopers To Come And Take A Look Now Young Ned Wilcox, Son Of The Recently Deceased Officer Curt, Has Started Hanging Around The Barracks One Day He Can T Resist Peeking Through The Windows And It S Time To Share The Secret So The Veteran Troopers Sit Ned Down On The Smoking Bench And Tell Him Every Skin Curdling Detail From The Buick S Arrival To The Terrifying Light Shows And What It Sucks In And Breathes Out For The Buick Is A Conduit To Another World As King Puts It, When We Confront The Deep And Authentic Unknown, We Glimpse That Place Where Our Familiar Universe Stops. I often wonder if Buick counts as metafiction a story told within a story which is, in a way, about stories, and our obsession with endings and with finding out Principally, though, it s a rollicking good horror yarn in which the creepy is layed on with a trowel until you just want it to stop well, maybe after one page.The premise of an alternative dimension has never been handled so diffidently It s there, in the boot of a car, under a tarp, in a garage on the local sheriff s office lot Don t get too close, don t get too interested and when stuff comes out of it run What s important here is the draw, the raw fascination that comes with the unknown.It s a mistake to compare Buick 8 to Christine simply because the two stories are about cars For one thing, the Buick isn t really a car it s a metaphor on one level, and an otherwordly artefact on another Christine was full of murderous rage, both possessed by and possessing her owners the Buick is never conclusively considered sentient.A further difference between Christine and Buick, is the ending Christine is a fully formed story, with a beginning, lots of guts, and the perfect horror story ending Buick is a story about how stories really unfold an increasing preoccupation in King s writing and how they don t necessarily come tied up neatly with all four corners properly inside the wrapping In this respect, Buick has in common with later work, such as The Colorado Kid, and even Cell or th 2.5 StarsOMGOSH, I really can t believe I m rating a Stephen King novel 2.5 Stars, but From A Buick 8 turned out to be a real clunker of a read for me.The story begins enticingly when a mysterious man dressed in black rolls into a gas Although From a Buick 8 isn t my favourite King book and I think it could have done to be original and memorable, I still really enjoyed reading it This is a very ambiguous and somewhat strange novel, but contrary to its reputation, I didn t find it bad at all It wasn t great but it s obviously a strong effort and it s still a fun story What really brings From a Buick 8 to life in every respect are its characters and the connections they have together, although the sci fi and fantasy aspects were also quite interesting.Books like these often start out with the best ambitious ideas but the idea itself can t really hold up a whole book Nonetheless, King does manage to bring this intriguing story to life with his usual horror magic, focusing on so many aspects My only serious complaint that would probably put me off of reading it for a second time is that From a Bui There are many problems with this book, but they can all be summed up with a quote from the actual text From page 297 of the hardcover, third paragraph, starting fourth sentence in But this is important tell me a story , one that has a beginning and a middle and an end where everything is explained Because I deserve that Don t shake the rattle of your ambiguity in my face I deny its place I repudiate its claim I want a story.No Fucking Shit King spends a great deal of this book explaining to the reader that there s not always a definitive ending He prepared us But that doesn t mean I accept it It doesn t mean I have to like it.Listen, friends and neighbors, I can get behind a short story or a novella that leaves me with an unsatisfactory ending because they aren t time sinks To be in the audience of a magic show wherein the magic is only alluded to is a terrible trick I don t need everything explained I don t need my hand held But I want a complete story This is not a complete story It is a rambling mess The shifts in tone are jarring You never know what kind of book you re reading The characters are taken part and parcel from The Green Mile If you ve read both books, you ll probably see where I m coming from I mean even down to the wild fucker named Billy Billy the Kid Billy Lippin And yes, Sandy D 3.5 stars Yes, I did it I finished this book It is not like this book is horrible or anything, but for its 350 something page length, it took longer and a lot of energy to finish In comparison to King s novels that I have read, this is one of the most dense, uneventful books he has published From a Buick 8 is a novel that is meant to make you think than entertain It presents an interesting premise, one that emphasizes our human nature for needing meaning in life It makes us question how we demand for the world around us to give us closure, understanding, and to fit inside our internal plots When life works outside those constructs of understanding we tend to become frustrated, and that is exactly what happened for some readers From a Buick 8 is a book that tells us that there is not necessary foreshadowing or hidden agenda within its prose, just a story, plain and simple From a Buick 8 has very complex and realistic characters, which I expected from Stephen King They all asked the same questioned I did, acted the way I would, and overall believed the same things I did The only difference was that they were fictional and I am not or at least I believe am I not dramatic music The book also pushed the notion of stop assuming so much by a story I mean by saying I don t think this is the best novel I ve read It s not even Stephen King s best It is my favorite though It s the novel I ve reread most often This was at least my fifteenth reading of it and I still had fun. I avoided this novel for years, in fear that it would be a Christine part 2 situation Well, I was wrong It s actually an extremely better novel, in my opinion Scarier No More exciting Definitely not More entertaining No Better written Yes George A Romero used zombies to explore deeper meanings of civilization in his films Stephen King does the same thing in his novels, just with the supernatural unexplained, and usually a car is involved in some way as well Buick 8 is about dealing with loss whether you allow yourself to move on from death or let it become your life themes explored in an earlier King novel Pet Sematary as well as in Revival The major complaint to this novel is how nothing happens it lacks resolution King foreshadows this by having Ned Wilcox express his anger with Sandy he begs for a story, for a beginning middle and end with everything explained Sandy gets angry and explains how that isn t how it works This tease should prepare the reader The imagery of the creatures from the Buick is a love letter to Lovecraft that s beautifully signed by King the overall imagery of the novel rivals the ones found in the phenomenal novel Insomnia The character buildin A veces, cuando alguien lo pasa mal, le ayudan m s personas de las que esperaba Y a veces, aun as , no es suficiente Empezaba tan bien este libro Al principio pensaba que me iba a encantar, pero a medida

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