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[[ PDF / Epub ]] ★ Gillians Marsh  Author Michael Faun – Submitalink.info WHY CAN T PEOPLE KEEP THEIR WILLIES OUT OF HOLES Stunning classic horror that pulled me into it s clutches and refused to let go The storytelling was vivid and rich, shrouded in plenty of sinister, pagan fascination A nod here to the pacing plot lines and characters seemed to fall in to pla Raw, sexual, violence of witchcraft old school horror Faun tells a suberb tale of lust and family betrayal over black magic and disturbing imagery This book dips into the deepest part of your mind, peeling back your skull where it leaves it mark.Michael Faun s best to date Recommended Blood in the water, blood in the land Southern Gothic crossed with B Movie, like John Farris and Flannery O Connor wrote a script to be directed by Jim and Artie Mitchell Lurid and mesmerizing, festooned with horrors taken for granted flowing into each other like water under the mangrove trees overhung with Spanish moss in little old New Alabamathe narrator s camera eye does not shrink from depicting each gross and engrossing incident in this catalogue of terror.It s just past the Civil War in the American south Luann Lee escapes the preacher on Michael Faun s newest novella may be short but sometimes the shortest books pack the biggest punch If you ve ever read Michael s work you know that he often mixes in a variety of genres to create something unique, but this time he s written a straight up horror novel that holds back just a little and the results are quite stunning Taking the idea of the occult and the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials and blending them together you get Gillian Marsh This is by far the best novel that Faun has written This is a writer who has attempted to stretch beyond his comfort zone and it works Gillian s Marsh has a classic horror feel to it while keeping just a hint of splatterpunk As a writer Faun knows how to create a readable story, and the detail presented brings these characters to life Throughout history we have always been taught to that witches are evil, but what if there is something far darker and far sinister just beyond our realm of understanding This is a novel that embraces the dark and it hinges on paranoia While most horror novels tend to dwell on the silliness factor, Faun plays it straight and never ventures into the overly cheesy to hook his readers The This tale of witchcraft, lust, familial betrayal and violence, a malevolent tree and other horrors is a burn through and superb read, one that is worth owning if you are not squeamish and like your gory thrills raw with a nasty attitude. Gillian S Marsh 1866 The Treacherous Wetlands Where A Young Woman, Louella Lee, Ends Up After Escaping The Horrors Of Her Puritanical Home In The Town Of Gillianswick Collapsing In The Black Woods Near The Marsh, She Is Found By Red, A Loner Woodsman, And Their Rendezvous Sets A Nightmarish Wheel Into Motion Whilst Their Unorthodox Relationship Blossoms, Stakes Are Burning In Gillianswick After A Series Of Strange Disappearances Convinced That The Town Is In The Grip Of Black Magic And Deviltry, Overzealous Cyrus Reiterman Initiates A Merciless Witch Hunt That Eventually Draws Him To The Betraying Bog, Where Baleful Forces Await 4.5 StarsOverall, Gillian s Marsh is just really fun to read It s an entertaining work by a very skilled author with a deep love for the horror genre If you enjoy horror, this novella is well worth reading.

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