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!!> Read ➯ Glitch ➳ Author Brenda Pandos – Submitalink.info Blue Eyes And His Illegal Slip Of Paper Are About To Shatter Abby S Perfect World When A Mysterious Guy From The Forbidden Zone Sneaks A Note To A Beautiful Young Girl From Brighton, She Must Decide If She Should Turn Him In Or Follow What The Note Says Eighteen Year Old Abby Has No Trouble Following Brighton S Rules For One, She S OCD About Checking Her Date Of Death Clock Latched To Her Wrist, Making Sure Her Decisions Never Shorten Her Lifetime, And Two, She Enjoys The Peace Brighton Has To Offer But When Her Best Friend Returns From Her Advice Meeting A Glimpse Into The Future Shell Shocked And Won T Tell Abby What S Happened, She S Worried What Awaits Her Meeting In A Few Days The Stranger With Blue Eyes Warned Her Not To Go, But Does Abby Dare Enter The Forbidden Zone To Get Answers Or Is She Doomed To Live The Life Her Glimpse Is About To Show Her Find Out In This Suspenseful YA Romance

10 thoughts on “Glitch

  1. Yzabel Ginsberg Yzabel Ginsberg says:

    I received this book through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review It took me some time to get and remain in the story, and I have to admit that in the end, well, I didn t like it There were good ideas, and it started off as promising however, after a

  2. Dana Dana says:

    Man oh man, what can I say Writing about time travel requires a very special talent, a talent that this author does not have Don t get me wrong, I think Ms.Pandos has a lot of potential as a writer, but the time travel aspect of this book was extremely disjoint

  3. heather - NightlyReading heather - NightlyReading says:

    I was under the impression that this book dealt solely with zombies and it would just be another zombie apocolypse story Boy was I wrong IT WAS SO MUCH MORE I really enjoyed the storyline and thought it was unique and creative Ms Pandos has outdone herself with thi

  4. Jenny Finnigan Jenny Finnigan says:

    I just want to say OMG this book is amazing I underestimated it a little when I thought it was about zombies and that s not really my cup of tea Seriously it s so muchdon t let the thought of zombies put you off.Abby lives behind the confines of a wall in Brighton and

  5. Jessica Jessica says:

    This was so much fun It was liked Matched, but with zombies and focused less on romance andon the world.In this world it is far in the future, everything we have now is old and outdated The world is a dystopian disguised as a utopian where everyone is watched and carefully

  6. kate kate says:

    Thanks to the publisher and to Netgalley for providing me with this copy in exchange of an honest review.Glitch A Summary1 Stay tuned to find out how you kill one of the most important men of the citywithout a plan Or guns Or anything really.2 Wtf, strong feelings How can you

  7. Kendall {Book Crazy} Kendall {Book Crazy} says:

    I was seriously looking forward to this book once I heard it had zombies in it, but imagine my surprise when I start reading it and there were minimal zombies in it I was kinda disappointed lol I was expecting a zombie apocalypse or something lol So in fairness, the plot of this b

  8. Devon Ashley Devon Ashley says:

    On her eighteenth birthday, Abby decides to meet her future self in a once in a lifetime meeting despite the warning from a curious rebel who snuck inside city walls to warn her against it Guess she should ve listened Before now, her leap year birthday kept her off their radar, which

  9. Sharon Sharon says:

    Review 2 out of 5 stars Glitch is the first book in the Lost in Time series and started off promising, I was intrigued by the unique concept but unfortunately it failed to wow me in the end Eighteen year old Abigail lives in Brighton, behind a wall where the threat of the undead lives she

  10. Chelsea Herondale Chelsea Herondale says:

    I underestimated this book I thought URGH zombies But no No no No This book was so muchIt dealt with time travel and future selves and muchI haven t read any books dealing with time so this was so new and intriguing for me Brenda Pandos is a brilliant author and I love her writing style and t

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