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[Reading] ➿ Gold-Diggers, Gamblers And Guns (A Jazz Age Mystery #3)  Author Ellen Mansoor Collier – Submitalink.info Chicago Had Al Capone And Frank Nitti Galveston Had Beach Gang Leaders Sam And Rose Maceo And Rival Downton Gang Leader Johnny Jack Nounes In This Soft Boiled 1920s Mystery Inspired By Actual Events, Young Society Reporter Jasmine Jazz Cross Longs To Cover Hard News, But She S Stuck Between Two Clashing Cultures The World Of Gossip And Glamour Vs Gangsters And Gamblers After Johnny Jack Nounes Is Released From Jail, All Hell Breaks Loose Prohibition Agent James Burton S Life Is Threatened And He Must Go Into Hiding For His Own Safety But When He S Framed For Murder, He And Jazz Work Together To Prove His Innocence Johnny Jack Blames Her Half Brother Sammy Cook, Owner Of The Oasis Speakeasy, For His Arrest And Forces Him To Work Overtime In A Variety Of Dangerous Mob Jobs As Punishment When A Bookie Is Murdered, Jazz Looks For Clues Linking The Two Murders And Delves Deeper Into The Underworld Of Gambling Poker Games, Slot Machines And Horse Racing Meanwhile, Jazz Tries To Keep Both Burton And Her Brother Safe, And Alive, While They Face Off Against Each Other, As Well As A Common Enemy.

10 thoughts on “Gold-Diggers, Gamblers And Guns (A Jazz Age Mystery #3)

  1. Carmen Pacheco Carmen Pacheco says:

    A great story and murder mystery set in Prohibition Galveston Really solid and interesting Full review at The Reading Cafe on 08 29.

  2. Paula Ratcliffe Paula Ratcliffe says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This book picks up not long after Bathing Beauties leaves off Jazz and James Burton are at the Hollywood Club enjoying a night out together when someone t

  3. Christoph Fischer Christoph Fischer says:

    Gold Diggers, Gamblers And Guns A Jazz Age Mystery 3 by Ellen Mansoor Collier is a hugely enjoyable mystery set in Texas during the lively and frivolous prohibition times The 1920s provide a great potential for a most glamorous and exciting se

  4. BestChickLit.com BestChickLit.com says:

    I loved this Quite simply, it s a lady s version of the popular T.V show Broadwalk Empire.The book is full of mobsters, shady deals and dirty policemen, and you never fully know who s trustworthy Jazz is feisty as the protagnonist, she s fearless and d

  5. Kristen Kristen says:

    I m addicted to the Roaring 20 s era, and this third installment in the Jazz Age Mystery series supplies an overabundance of fuel to feed that addiction In other words, this book is pos i lute ly the cat s meow Jazz is at her prime this time around, using her w

  6. Noreen Marcus Noreen Marcus says:

    This book is so much fun it should be illegal The third in the series doesn t disappoint, but delights The author keeps coming up with fascinating historical Galveston locations to weave into her narrative It helps to read the three Jazz Age Mysteries in order, but you

  7. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    Gold Diggers, Gamblers and Guns A Jazz Age Mystery 3 4 STARS This is a wild time during Prohibition when the mobs are gaining power A lot of policeman were on the take because they liked the money or did not believe in Prohibition Their were two main gangs who were fighting for

  8. Em Em says:

    The Jazz Age Mysteries are a fast paced, funny series about glittering high society in the 1920s, and the seedy underbelly of crime and gangsters Gold Diggers, Gamblers and Guns is the third outing of plucky young reporter Jasmine Cross, currently a society columnist but with a hankering

  9. LuAnn LuAnn says:

    You just know it s about to hit the fan when the city s sole Prohibition agent is out on the town with a society reporter at one of the better speakeasies Sure enough, they step outside and someone tries to gun down the agent Maybe the language and the dress has changed since nearly 100 years ago

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