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[Reading] ➷ Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People ➭ Dennis Cardiff – Submitalink.info Writing About The Homeless And Helping The Homeless, Has Given My Life A Purpose That It Didn T Have Before Documenting Their Stories Will, I Hope, Introduce Them To The Public In A Non Threatening Way Some Panhandlers Look Intimidating, But That Disappears When One Sees Them Laugh A Typical Day For Me Involves Taking The Bus And Walking Two Blocks To Work I Pass Joy S Spot Every Day I Usually Sit And Talk With Her For Twenty To Thirty Minutes Chester And Hippo May Drop By To Chat Most Afternoons, Depending On Weather, I Walk Two Blocks To The Park Where The Group Of Panhandlers Varies In Size From Two To Twenty Or They Don T Panhandle At The Park Like A Soap Opera, Every Day Is Different Some Scenarios Will Carry Over A Few Days Or Weeks People Will Disappear For Weeks Or Months Due Illness, Rehab Programs Or Incarceration When I Met Joy I Was Going Through An Emotional Crisis Meeting Her And Her Friends Worrying About Them And Whether Or Not They Would Be Able To Eat And Find A Place To Sleep Took My Mind Off My Problems, That Then, Seemed Insignificant It Was Truly A Life Changing Experience

10 thoughts on “Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People

  1. Nzfiend Nzfiend says:

    Originally interested in street photography myself I stumbled over Dennis via our occasionally overlapping blog postings on Wordpress He liked some of my stuff, so I read some of his Instantly ident

  2. Ioana Ioana says:

    I was very curious about this book, Gotta Find a Home Conversations with Street People by Dennis Cardiff The title and the description of the book were the things that caught my attention However, for some re

  3. Marta Tandori Marta Tandori says:

    Raw, Gritty Vignettes That Tell Their Own TalesLet s face it we ve all done it at one time or another seen someone panhandling and quickly crossed to the other side of the street or walked by them with our cell phone s

  4. Karen Silvestri Karen Silvestri says:

    Gotta Find a Home Conversations with Street People will be available June 10th I can t tell you what a joy it has been to work with author blogger, Dennis Cardiff The man has infinite patience and kindness His collection of conv

  5. Sara Britt Sara Britt says:

    Sometimes, we avoid situations we do not understand, butoften than not, we shun circumstances we detest In the homeless world , it s citizens are often objects of misinterpretation and loathing They are in need of someone or something tha

  6. Abelardo Abelardo says:

    I just finished this fine work by a very astute observer of street life Mr Cardiff s interactions hit a few nerves for me, as well as rekindled memories of my own experiences with similar people in a different time and place.I was immediately drawn

  7. Meglena Ivanova Meglena Ivanova says:

    Gotta Find a Home Conversations with Street People by Dennis Cardiff is all about street people you meet that make life the rich, vibrant experience that it is They shape our memoriesthan the locations themselves They can make a bad place good, or a great pl

  8. Cathy Ryan Cathy Ryan says:

    This is a non fictional story of a group of homeless people in a Canadian city from the perspective of the man who befriended them Documented in diary format Dennis Cardiff catalogues the conversations he has with the various panhandlers, which brings home the reality

  9. Promod Sharma Promod Sharma says:

    I always tend to rate a creation high if there is a purpose behind it.Things can be meaningful for self, but to be purposeful they have to serve others, especially those who need to be served.As for the style of writing, high level of commitment itself becomes a style of its ow

  10. Tfaulkner Tfaulkner says:

    A fascinating look inside a world many others don t want to see From the time he first meets Joy and her colleagues, Dennis steps back and lets them speak in their own voices, with no judgement and minimal intrusion Personalities come through and the drama, pathos and humour in their liv

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