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[ Reading ] ➺ HARD JUSTICE  Author Alvin Slater – Submitalink.info It was pushing it to get a two star Much as the story was good, the writing was abysmal and the overuse of the hair colours of two female characters was annoying and honestly made me think that the author just had no idea on how to actually write those scenes. Kasey Hale Was A Beauty Born Into Wealth Who Was A New York City Probation Officer, And Her Life Shot Into Personal Romance And Mystery When The Most Famous Twin In New York City History Walked Into Her Life As Her Newest Parolee She Was Supposed To Supervise Kyle Curtis Was The Famous Wealthy Playboy Who Cut A Deal Rather Than Risk A Trial For His Own Brothers Unsolved Murder He Made It Clear That It Wasn T Over It Was Just Getting Started The Media Had Salivated Over The Murder Mystery And Kasey Found Herself In Kyle Curtis S Spotlight As He Pulled Her In As Deep As He Was He Knew How To Make His Case To A Beautiful Woman, And Soon A Cast Of Characters Had Hard Justice In Their Target Sights And Kasey Hale Decided To Hold On For Dear Life And Sink Or Swim In The Waves That The Hampton S Playboy Created.

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