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Heart of the Bear PDF ✓ Heart of  PDF or Bookin the Hells Canyon Shifters series Rae Lynn Dormer is about to find out just what kind of monsters are lurking in the wilderness of Hells Canyon Determined to do a good deed, she gives a stranger a ride to a ranger camp nestled deep in the Seven Devils Mountains The problem is, when she gets there, her new acquaintance turns into a lion in the front seat of her Honda When a burly bear comes to her rescue, she s just about seen it all The clan holds her captive, but she s determined to escape Jesse, the Seven Devils Clan s sexiest shifter, is laying claim to her heart, and if she doesn t escape now, she just might become a part of Hells Canyon forever Jesse Hayes is done with relationships He has too much to protect, and history says he ll fail as a mate But when Rae comes barreling into his camp, his inner animal has other ideas She s attractive, intelligent and fearless, and he s ready for a mate as strong as her But if he doesn t hide his secrets well enough, they could demolish any chance he has with the woman who is stealing his heart Lions and secrets and bears, oh my Don t miss the thrilling conclusion to the Hells Canyon Shifters series Content Warning explicit love scenes, language, and sexy shifter secrets Adult only bear shifter romance

10 thoughts on “Heart of the Bear

  1. Amber J Amber J says:

    I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler free way Unfortunately, there is still always a risk of slight spoilers despite my best efforts If you feel something in my review is a spoiler please let me know Thank you.The end of a great series I really enjoyed these books The romance is sappy and full of insta love, but I loved it anyway I

  2. Hollie Hollie says:

    Ok but not great I ve enjoyed this series so far but this one lacked any sort of depth A bad case of insta love and I found the epilogue a bit disappointing I just didn t get a good grasp of the characters or plot Overall I found it to be just missing something and at this point I m not sure I will continue the series

  3. Tracy& Tracy& says:

    3.5 out of 5Overall the series was good There were quite a few editing issues throughout all of the books but they didn t affect the stories too much The H h fall in love very quickly in these books but Joyce makes it work in the end.

  4. Monica Monica says:

    It was a great read and I m sad to know this is the last This series were quick reads I think they could have been longer books and touchedon the story in depth but I still enjoyed them Rae Lynn was hilarious I so loved her character especially at first when she fought her ass off It was priceless how she stabbed Jesse in the back with her pocket knife In her defen

  5. Aubrey Rollins Aubrey Rollins says:

    It was really good I really loved the relationships between the clans and the family bond they all have with each other I really wasn t a big fan on how it ended so quickly I would have liked to have had an epilogue at the end with like a 5 10 years later and see what happens to all the clan members,how the cubs grew up and what was the clan up to after all those years

  6. ZETTER ZETTER says:

    New Findings Rae Lynn Dormer, an adoption agent who worked just quit her job after her prick boss refused to giver her a raise and tried insulting her When she was the only that stay after all her colleagues left the adoption center because of his infuriating attitude towards his employees On her out the door, she received a call from Shay Woodard, whom we ve met in the pr

  7. Andrea Andrea says:

    This series was great I loved this entire series with twists and turns and strong women made stronger by strong, caring men I could read them all over again The one thing in this particular book that bothered me is that they said that Jesse was a black bear and in book 3 Reese and Ethan s story the author stated that Jesse was an Andean bear I know the reason behind it is beca

  8. My2CentsBookReviews My2CentsBookReviews says:

    Shifter romance challenges, family and romance all wrapped up in one story.Rae raised by a single mom knew sacrifice and hardworking but family was not something she had a any so working at a place that handled adoptions was a perfect match She thought so until he boss fired everyone and her job became impossible the a urgernt cry for help brings her to call the bear clan where Je

  9. Carol Carol says:

    FamilyOr clan Enjoyed this Wrap of the Hell s Canyon series.Liked that the last story was about a human and bear bonded pair One that didn t change Brings it full circle from the first story Loved how the clans evolved from the first book.Only thing left unsaid is the lack of shifter females, which means humans would have been sought to be turned so the population would grow.Actually

  10. beth beth says:

    Romance and differencesI bought the book before any of the rest of them It was good alone When l foundof her books I bought another book that was in the middle of a series as well It was a good novel by itself as well When l discovered the other stories in the series I re read this one and it was richer I was cute on it s own, but I Loved the continued story of the group of books

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