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[KINDLE] ❅ His Haunted Heart  ❥ Lila Felix – Submitalink.info HIS HAUNTED HEART is a story of hope, love and overcoming the past Hope that one day Delilah will be able to leave the pain and hurt that her family has thrown on her since she was little But with a scar covering the side of her face, it doesn t seem likely that any man would ever want her for his wife Hope that when she is finally offered a proposal from a generous, handsome soul, that maybe one day he will be able to look at her with love A beautiful and haunting story as these two people learn from one another and grow a relationship built on honesty, trust and eventually love But that isn t all the story is about Porter s past, going back many years, will play a pivotal role And a certain ghost will not make the relationship easy on either of them Yes, a ghost This story is such a unique and refreshing read I absolutely recommend it to any and all seeking a clean romance that will quell your sea I was in the mood for a dark Gothic romance and this story delivered Porter and Delilah were both likable characters who had me rooting for their HEA Set in Victorian Louisiana this book took me back in time and kept me turning the pages trying to unravel the Six Years Ago, Deep In The Swamps Of Louisiana, Delilah S Face Was Marred Forever At The Hands Of Her Sisters By The Point Of Her Mother S Kitchen Knife Despite Her Protest, Her Parents Insist She Make Haste In Finding A Husband But Finding A Husband Isn T An Easy Feat With A Scar Running The Length Of Your Face Porter Jeansonne Keeps To Himself He Lives In His Mansion, Set Apart From The Town He S Grown To Detest One Night, Walking Through The Town, Seeking To Collect A Debt, He Hears A Man Selling Off His Daughter In The Most Deplorable Part Of The Darkened Streets He Chooses To Take Pity On Her And Set Her Free From Her Despicable Family Until He Sees Her Face He Then Knows That Maybe She Is The Mend For His Haunted Heart. I usually love this author did not like this one. 4.5 StarsReview by Jen SkewesThis was such a beautiful love story I honestly was not sure what I was getting when I started this book I knew that it was unlike anything that I have ever read before and part of it is a genre that I do not normally read But Lila wrote it so if anyone is going to get me to read something that is out of my norm, it is going to be Ms Felix It was so much than I expected and I loved every part of this book.This is a beautiful story of love and hope and I guess you could also say trust Delilah s family, have not been kind to her over the years To be honest they are just plain mean to her A few years ago she was scarred at the hands of her sisters, leaving her feeling that she will never be beautiful enough for any man to want her as his wife Six years later and she is to meet the man that she is going to marry despite her reservations Upon seeing Porter, her husband to be, she wonders why a man like him would want to marry her Porter is handsome and rich but he has his own past that he is trying to move on from He wanted to save Delilah from her family before even meeting her But once he sees her he knows that she is something special Delilah tries so hard to hide her scar but when Porter looks at her, he sees beyond the scar Porter wants her to feel safe w 3.5 starsHis Haunted Heart,a story of two people who fall in love after they marry, after getting to know each other is one I loved as it was truly beautiful You can t help but fall in love with both Porter and Delilah They brought the best out in each other Porter was so terrific looking past Delilah s scar, finding her to be beautiful inside and out A true hero as he saves Delilah from her evil and twisted family, and gives her a new life that is nothing like the one she s lived It s here where Delilah learns and comes to realize that she does matter and that love is possible and there for her taking It bears mentioning that I was so moved when Porter s mother, Eliza, made her feel so welcome and loved, taking her under her wing, treating her with respect and kindness, like her own daughter, all of which Delilah never had or received from her own mother Porter s POV, conversation with Delilah and his mother, Eliza Eliza I was talking to June this morning about finally moving to the mother in law house I nodded in agreement That was the original deal Delilah spoke up Do you have to Well, I don t have to, but it s the usual protocol I stayed for a bit to make sure you were eating and taken care of I knew Porter would be gone soon after your wedding But I think it s time t Lila Felix gives us another Breathtaking and absolutely dazzling love story What if the beauty thought she was a beast I love everything about His Haunted Heart it has a beauty and the beast feel with lots of delicious twists this i As someone who is not particularly a fan of historical romance or pnr, I must say with His Haunted Heart I now love both This very intriguing, very mysterious book, took my on a journey that held me captive from the start The story of Delilah, cast aside by her poor, greedy family, scarred for being beautiful and Porter, handsome and wealthy businessman, haunted by his past, who saves Delilah from her wretched life Although at times I was as baffled as Delilah was that someone of Porter s stature would choose her to be his wife, they surprisingly filled each other s souls like no one else could For Porter, he found the woman who would stand by his side, truly through sickness, health, wealth, poverty and most importantly, in the face of a ghost name Marie, who has decided to try to make their lives as miserable as the one she previously enjoyed This tale of hope for for both Delilah and Porter was a joy to read Their tender moments were heartfelt as they learn about each other after a whirlwind marriage and offer truths about the lives they have lead before they became betrothed Each with shameful secrets, eac Bravo on a very unique book, Ms Felix, one that I will not be forgetting anytime soon This was a beautiful story of wanting one of the most precious things we can give and getLOVE Poor Delilah got anything but that, and my goodness, how my heart broke for her.One thing I loved about this story was that it was like a puzzle because I didn t quite understand what was happening to Porter, and when I started putting the pieces together, I realized this was than I ever expected Seeing Porter and Delilah s relationship grow made me see that true love really does exist, especially when you don t judge a book by its cover Be prepared to be taken on a ride that will have you holding on until the last and wishing it didn t have to end There really are no words for how much I loved reading about two broken people who didn t realize at first that they needed ea Oh wow I obviously loved it, but I must admit that this book and the writing style were a bit peculiar Peculiar in a extremely beautiful and fascinating way I believe this is my second from this author, I also read Burden Bayou Bear Chronicles 1 and I absolutely adored it The writing style for His Haunted Heart is very different from Burden, but I enjoyed it nonetheless I m starting with the peculiar business,because I know that this could trouble you so I want to put your mind at ease The peculiarity in here were the atmosphere, the time and the setting At first I couldn t pinpoint exactly the time in which the story takes place or the location whatsoever Then I realized this is a historical romance with a paranormal mystery Also there were times where it seemed that there were some missing pieces of the story, but that only happens once or twice and it ads to this mysterious atmosphere that is hauntingly gorgeous Oh and the way they solve the problem is a bit of a wait,what,hold on, you can t do that,did I miss something , but then you get

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