10 thoughts on “Honors Reward (Rocky Mountain Legacy, #5)

  1. Mckinley Mckinley says:

    This one even has bank robbing.

  2. Mary Mary says:

    The last book of Rocky Mountain Legacy , is a great finality of the love that grows between Abbie and her second husband, Cole, after she becomes a widow She has a son already and an adopted niece to raise, but allows herself to fall in love with someone who has loved her always Abbie trusts Cole to run the ranch,

  3. April April says:

    I am sad to say farewell to this wonderful and engaging series, not to mention it s characters I just finished Book 5 and I am left with a happy, content and peaceful feeling A wonderful conclusion This is a series I will not only recommend, but one I plan to read again in the future Book 5 is filled with all the drama, a

  4. Jeni Enjaian Jeni Enjaian says:

    Update see what I have written in my update to the first book in the series This book did not survive round two of the purge from my personal collection It s hard to craft an original review for the fifth book in a series especially after yesterday s eventsas a runner, I m still processing That being said, I still really enjoyed

  5. Andrea Andrea says:

    This was an easy and interesting series to read, with lots of unexpected twists and turns After the first or second book I was trying to figure out who the main character reminded me of She was very independent and not your traditional girl for the time She was also always getting into trouble in one way or another Then it hit me that

  6. Christy Christy says:

    I absolutely adore this series I was hooked from the first novel I m ecstatic that Abbie wound up with Cole I like him from the beginning Monte was to City for Abbie s western style I guess to proper. I m sad that the series is over I hope that there might be some in the future Such awesome read.

  7. Arianne Arianne says:

    Abbie is headstrong, talented, and beautiful What else do you want in a protagonist Placed in the scenic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, this series is a good read I don t own the series, but I always check them out from the library if they re there and I m in the mood.

  8. Julie Julie says:


  9. Sandy Sandy says:

    It was a very good ending to the series I truly enjoy reading Heitzmann s works.

  10. Cws Cws says:

    YA Hei

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