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Download ☆ How to Have a Good Day  By Caroline  Webb – InHow To Have A Good Day, Caroline Webb Economist And Former Partner At Consulting Powerhouse McKinsey Shows Us How To Use Recent Findings From Behavioral Economics, Psychology And Neuroscience To Transform Our Approach To Everyday Working Life Her Science Based Techniques Have Boosted Workplace Performance And Enjoyment For People In Hundreds Of Organizations Here, Webb Shows Us How To Build These Powerful Tools Into Our Own Daily Routines, To Give Us Control Over The Quality Of Our Days The Book Is Arranged Around Seven Practices That Are Central To Having A Good Day Setting The Right Priorities, Making Productive Use Of Our Time, Having Effective Conversations, Doing Our Very Best Work, Achieving Great Personal Impact, Being Resilient To Setbacks, And Sustaining Our Energy Throughout, Webb Teaches Us How To Be At Our Best Even Under Pressure, And Equips Us To Handle Common Challenges Such As Co Worker Conflicts And Difficult Deadlines Filled With Real Stories Of People Who Have Used The Webb S Insights To Improve Their Working Lives, And Drawing On Cutting Edge Ideas From The Latest Research In Behavioral Science, How To Have A Good Day Is The Book People Wanted To Read When They Finished Blink And Thinking Fast And Slow, And Were Looking For Practical Ways To Apply What They Had Learned To Their Own Lives And Careers.

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  1. Lorilin Lorilin says:

    Caroline Webb has managed to write a heavily researched, evidence based manual that can be helpful to just about anyone Which probably makes it sound horribly boring, but it really isn t Most of the book is written for people who work at the top or the bottom of the food chain, it doesn t matter But even I, as a stay at home mom and writer, found plenty in here to apply to my life Webb s tone is very conversational, and while the content is dense,

  2. Maria Espadinha Maria Espadinha says:

    Os Desafiantes Dias MausH boas not cias na rea da ci ncia comportamental, pois j n o se ocupa exclusivamente do que negativo.Est focada n o apenas na cura das depress es e ansiedades depois delas acontecerem, mas tamb m na sua preven o Quer isto dizer que se prop e mostrar nos uma pan plia de ferramentas com as quais podemos contar para superar as mais diversas contrariedades.E a boa nova que n o necess rio ir ao super mercado compr las, pois j constam no

  3. Cabe Cabe says:

    I ve read dozens of this kind of book in the past blends of how to beproductive,fulfilled,content,energised, better at decisionmaking and leadership, all while trying to keep a career moving at a good pace This is quite literally the most useful book I ve ever read.It has practical advice on virtually every aspect of a modern work day meetings, email, relationships, communiation, sharp thinking grounded in interesting research and then brought to life with stori

  4. Soheil Soheil says:

    I listened to the audiobook read by the author and should unforunately acknowledge that it is not well read She reads the book with a very slow speed and her voice may not keep your interest very long.The book is a comprehensive collection of tools and techniques useful for having a good day at work However, if you have previously been reading self help books, you may not find many new tips and techniques on offer here that would be considered game changing.The author

  5. Suzyqb87 Suzyqb87 says:

    You know those books where you find yourself dog earing every page to ensure you come back, because there is so much valuable information Caroline Webb s How to Have a Good Day is quite possibly one of the only books you ll ever need to read on practical ways to enhance your productivity, relationships, strategy making, and energy with simple, doable tips based on behavioral science studies.Sound like a bore to you Trust me, it s not Webb writes in a personal and honest way,

  6. Theresa Theresa says:

    I enjoyed this book I won from Goodreads giveaway because of the organization of it It is written in such a way as I was unable to put the book down It is concise and to the point I have a new outlook on my every day work experiences because of this book.

  7. Justin Jackson Justin Jackson says:

    Bought this book on an impulse Best impulse decision I made as this book uncovers so many actually science backed FACTS to improve your life and productivity.Really enjoyed the appendices at the end as well.Will definitely be coming back to this book over and over again for refreshing.

  8. Zoe Zoe says:

    I read this book because a friend of mine recommended it He said it made sense Since my friend is someone I highly respect, I bought the book without giving it a second thought But now I read the book I don t think I have learned anything new Change your attitude, the way you approach things, prioritize, I mean, haven t we heard about them before Where is the new idea Maybe I missed some important message I just didn t feel enlightened I didn t really see anything that I haven t alrea I read this

  9. Daniel Frank Daniel Frank says:

    This would be a great starting point for those unfamiliar with the research already out there on applied psychology That being said, it s meant to be a pop book for the layperson, and doesn t offer anything new I would...

  10. Daniel Daniel says:

    This book is sort of a review of the literature of productivity, efficiency, being calm, conflict resolution, focus, etc., all the stuff of a good day at work All of that is pure ruby and pearls to this superdork But while I enjoyed this, what David Brooks did in The Social Animal, which is similar in topic though it s about how to have a good LIFE instead of a good day , made that a book I m positive will stick with me longer than this one He reviewed the literature via fictional characte This book is sort of

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