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➼ In the Dark Free ➲ Author Loreth Anne White – Submitalink.info A Secluded Mountain Lodge The Perfect Getaway So Remote No One Will Ever Find YouThe Promise Of A Luxury Vacation At A Secluded Wilderness Spa Has Brought Together Eight Lucky Guests But Nothing Is What They Were Led To Believe As A Fierce Storm Barrels Down And All Contact With The Outside Is Cut Off, The Guests Fear That It S Not A Getaway It S A TrapEach One Has A Secret Each One Has Something To Hide And Now, As Darkness Closes In, They All Have Something To Fear Including One AnotherAlerted To The Vanished Party Of Strangers, Homicide Cop Mason Deniaud And Search And Rescue Expert Callie Sutton Must Brave The Brutal Elements Of The Mountains To Find Them But Even Mason And Callie Have No Idea How Precious Time Is Because The Clock Is Ticking, And One By One, The Guests Of Forest Shadow Lodge Are Being Hunted For Them, Surviving Becomes Part Of A Diabolical Game

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  1. Dita Dita says:

    FINALLY For months I ve been skunked by my monthly free read from Kindle Unlimited, but you guys DAMN.I will start by saying that I have huge love for closed locked room mysteries and this one was excellent I could not wait to learn who was knocking these folks off one by one and why.I will say this however to anyone who has nev

  2. Melissa Melissa says:

    In her latest standalone, Loreth Anne White delivers a potent dose of dark deeds and suspense, set against a stunning backdrop A one way ticket to the remote wilderness of Northern Canada, In the Dark is a cunning exploration of redemption and self preservation.For readers that have yet to indulge in White s work, this is a great opportun

  3. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    To the fans of And Then There Were None a.k.a Ten Little Indians I have to warn you this is not remake, retelling and brand new version of story It s about nine people One missed the plane and there were eight They start to die one by one The one left behind stuffing her pockets with cream and sugar Why the hell she s doing that We re introduced th

  4. Meredith Meredith says:

    FUNCursed are those who SinAnd Lie to cover their deedsFor a Monster will rise withinAnd they must Repent In the Dark is an entertaining psychological thriller about a group of people lured under false pretenses to a remote cabin as part of one sick individual s plot for revenge There are many elements that I loved about this book, including the ominous atmo

  5. Sandra Sandra says:

    Eight originally nine guests are lured into going to a remote luxury wilderness spa for ten days When they arrive it isn t what they expected The lodge is old, abandoned, and they have no contact with the outside world They are totally isolated and they begin to realize that they have been tricked into coming Now they are trapped, and someone out there wants revenge I

  6. Yun Yun says:

    In the Dark starts off with eight lucky strangers being flown out to a secluded wilderness spa for a luxurious vacation But when they arrive, they realize nothing is as promised Each guest is hiding a secret that could ruin them if it is discovered And as an approaching storm cuts off all access to the outside world, they start to understand there is no escape.This book is so

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    CURSED ARE THOSE WHO SIN LIE TO COVER THEIR DEEDS FOR A MONSTER LIES WITHIN THEY MUST REPENTLoreth Anne White has geniously come up with a Psychological thriller that is taken by Agatha Christies Then There were none, she has topped her stance in this genre, I loved every cotton picking minute trying to work out who was going to survive no my detective skills were again wrong.I was inves

  8. Holly B Holly B says:

    Eight strangers lured to a remote lodge in the wilderness One of my favorite Agatha Christie mysteries And Then There Were None, is used as a sort of copycat premise to make these characters question everything and everyone Apparently they all have read it and seem to know how the mystery plays out Many of the same devices are used to get to them Loved all the references to the classic, though som

  9. Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥ Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥ says:

    I love knowing when I open a Loreth Anne White book, I m in for an intense, highly atmospheric experience as her uncanny ability to totally engage readers in a story is nothing short of brilliant Appreciating this, I settled in to read In The Dark and quickly became enthralled by this extraordinarily addictive, richly detailed suspense thriller Unraveling the mystery that is presented in this book became an

  10. Matt Matt says:

    Loreth Anne White pens this chilling standalone novel with a mystery that gets better thelayers are revealed In the rural British Columbia community of Kluhane Bay, hunters find the remains of a prop plane, though no one has reported any missing aircraft Local RCMP investigate, only to find the pilot murdered within, identity unknown As the investigation progresses, Search and Rescue are called in to help, though pro

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