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[Reading] ➼ It Never Rains on National Day  Author Jeremy Tiang – Submitalink.info Shortlisted For The Singapore Literature Prize 2016 For English FictionA Woman Fleeing Her Previous Existence Meets A Fellow Singaporean On An Overnight Train In Norway A Foreign Worker Is Decapitated In An HDB Building Site Accident A Singaporean Wife Must Negotiate Beijing As Her British Husband Awaits A Heart Transplant And In Different Corners Of The World, Singaporeans And Exiles Mark National Day In Their Own Ways.Jeremy Tiang S Debut Collection Weaves Together The Lives Of Its Characters Across The World From Switzerland, Norway, Germany, China, Canada, Thailand, New York City And Back To Singapore These Wry, Unsettling Stories Ask How We Decide Where We Belong, And What Happens To Those Who Don T.

10 thoughts on “It Never Rains on National Day

  1. Forty Something Forty Something says:

    Crisp, clear and elegant writing, on the themes of escape, travel, interracial relationships, and most importantly, boundaries set by society and oneself.Indeed, the author wanted to use the German word for fear of crossing boundaries as the title of his book Three cheers for the publisher who prevented this from happening, as it surely would have turned off many potential re

  2. Kirat Kaur Kirat Kaur says:

    Superb A riveting set of interconnected stories, mostly but not only about life in Singapore and beyond it, told with precision, genuineness and feeling Tiang has the short story form down pat he sucks you in with never before told plotlines, and keeps you there with style, substance and, perhaps the hardest to do well humour These stories were such fun, and so satisfying, to re

  3. Li Sian Li Sian says:

    Solid debut collection, with many of the short stories featuring the same characters The comment s been made a couple of times that it sounds like there s a novel in there somewhere struggling to get out while I do like the conceit in a short story collection, I definitely felt that part of the reason many people seized on It could be a novel is that many of the stories don t turn

  4. Natalie Natalie says:

    jeremy tiang attempts to write from a range of perspectives voices, but locating characters in various cities across the world bangkok, china, new york, germany etc does not make them different or diverse the stories came across as hollow, lacking intimacy or heart.the worst kind of characters feature in this book ones utterly unaware of their privilege in turn it came across as thoug

  5. Ummu Ummu says:

    Of all the short stories in this book, I like National Day a lot I was able to feel the emotions by these bangladeshi bhaiyya It was a bit weird at first, to be reading I built that but I realised it s true Sure, we do have the architects, URA officers etc but the people who are directly involved in building these are the bhaiyyas at least majority of them doLook, look at them running aw

  6. Karen Kueh Karen Kueh says:

    Superb astute Assured.

  7. Lian Kim Selby Lian Kim Selby says:

    Having grown up in Singapore and been living overseas for the past 6 years as a student, I found many of the characters in Jeremy s book easily relatable, and I suspect many other overseas Singaporeans will feel the same I thoroughly enjoyed Jeremy s writing style, and fully appreciated many of the hints of Singaporean ness that so eloquently captured a lot of the country s flavour The only do

  8. mm mm says:

    Another excellent publication by Epigram.These short stories woven by some repeated characters paint a real picture of Singapore and the transglobal Singaporean.My particular favourite was the one of the foreign work...

  9. Priscillia Priscillia says:

    Beautiful set of stories that are the very making of a Collective Memory.

  10. Jacky Jacky says:

    An excellent, enjoyable read This collection of short stories by a local author is such a refreshing change from the usual common storylines A key reason could be the setting Singaporeans in far flung Europe, in the US Of A etc Looking forward to his second effort.

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